Thursday, January 29, 2009

Aunt Lizzie Takes Us For a Ride!!!

Our Great Aunt Lizzie was a very cool lady and she passed away in the summer of 2007. Katie and I have always driven a car that has been owned by her. First it was the Silver Skylark and now the Silver Century. Yep, we're Buick babes!

The Skylark had like 5 poppies pinned to the roof and the Century has a little flower stuck to it. I don't know if she was worried that Rememberance Day was going to pass her by or what, but I never took them down, they were a part of the car. When we decided to do this trip there was no question about which car to take! The Silver Century all the way! Maybe it's because it's better on gas, it's more roomy or maybe it's because since she passed it's like she's been watching over it. I'm reminded of the movie Michael, with John Travolta, mashed in the back seat with those giant angel wings. She was a bit of a travel bug, getting out to Vancouver and over to Germany a few times, but I'm not sure she ever did a road trip. At least not one across North America! I'm sure if she was still alive she'd be very excited about our trip and anxious to see what we experienced. In essence this is almost better because she'll be with us every step of the way. Not physically of course, but we know she'll be there!

So Aunt Lizzie, this one's for you! May the journey be long and adventurous, the car sturdy and reliable and our experiences filled with the highest and best this world has to offer! Love you roomie!

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