Monday, September 13, 2010

Kelly Coordinated a Conference... :) Part 2

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After the 3 day conference was over we took 57 of those delegates up to Legends in Whistler Creekside for a more intensive 5 day ISTDP (Intensive Short Term Dynamic Therapy Program) session. Oh my, how I fell in love with Whistler. Well maybe not so much Whistler itself, but definitely the landscape and the cool fresh air.

Thank goodness for Michele, who organized this event with the exception of the catering and transportation, which I did, and the activities (trying my hand at activities coordinator too!)because my brain was toast after those three days at UBC. I welcomed the quiet time and cherished the 'Free Day' when we got to do whatever we wanted!

I helped to organize some activities where possible and the one I did was Ziptreking! It was great! One thing I realized was that while everyone else's adrenaline began to pump, mine actually slowed down. Ya, it was exhilerating to fly on a cable across the river, but there was something about it that relaxed me. Perhaps the scenery, the ability to let go of control or maybe it was just that I was out in nature for the first time in weeks! Who knows, but I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to go with!

That day definitely opened the group up and allowed everyone to let loose a bit after being cooped up in seminar rooms for 5 days! And I think it even cracked them far enough open to bring in some amazing creativity for the Karaoke night the next evening. Now that's what I call entertainment.... lol.

"Get up get up you scum sucking pig...." Oh Josette...I'm not sure anyone can say that quite like you :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Kelly Coordinated a Conference... :) Part 1

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I know I know, Katie's posts are so exciting! I'm a little envious that she's in Australia at the moment and I'm elsewhere.... I do love Vancouver though. And speaking of, during our little hiatus, I was up to a lot of things! Namely organizing and coordinating a 3 day conference for the International Experiential Dynamic Therapies Association with my friend Diane. It was awesome! I got to put my gifts of organization and service to use and used the opportunity to really see if event planning was something I was interested in persuing.

I had an absolute blast meeting all the delegates from all over Europe and the US and Canada, not to mention enjoying the beautiful area at UBC where it was all held. And I'm so happy Diane and I were able to be on the same page for this event because we sure as hell brought the fun! At one point nearly everyone... yes everyone, was on the dance floor dancing at our Gala. My fav though was little Rose Point, the Native elder who did our blessing for the dinner. Total sweatheart and what a sparkplug she is! 80 and hasn't got a slow bone in her body!

I'm looking back at that experience and saying, "Haha, I organized and ran a conference! How flippin' cool is that!?! I DID IT!" Ya I'll give my ego a little boost there! I deserve it! lol.

Thank you all of you amazing beings who entered my life for those three days and lit up my life in unexpected ways. I love you all!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Melbourne MAGIC!

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It's been about a week since I've been in Oz. The whole time hanging out in Melbourne. Loving this city by the way! It is magical! So many great people and energy! Always something to do or see. Last week was fashion week so I caught some free fashion shows, which was awesome! D and I saw a crazy one with a very vibrant drag queen. It was fun! lol.

I've been to some museums. Waiting for a day when D is free so we can go to the Tim Burton exhibit!!!! Oh I can't friggin wait! I went and saw a free exhibit at the same place the other day and it looked amazing! haha
Anyways, I ride the City Circle tram everyday for free and it's awesome! Goes all the way around the city and I can walk from anywhere. Everything is close and it's easy to find your way around here. I love it!

What else,...met up with John, Giovanni, a couple times. Got a hot chocolate the other day for $4.40 Aus and it was the size of a small timmies at home. But John explained to me that this was normal. The city is relatively expensive but people get paid well so it doesn't seem so bad. SO I think an income would probably benefit me. lol.

The only thing I don't really like about this city is that there are a lot of smokers. But I guess I can deal since it's not in buildings or anything. Other than that it's pretty sweet. Planning to stay here for the rest of the month if I can find something to occupy my time, while making money. :) Fingers crossed.

Also planning to krew the MMI here on the 17, 18, 19, but I haven't received a reply so I am probably going to write again and manifest like crazy! And hopefully if everything works out, which it will, I will be going to New Zealand and FIJI with John in Oct/Nov. EEK!!! I hope so!

Anywho! I will update you all again soon. Hoping it gets warmer here so I will want to be outside a LOT more than I already am. lol. Those who know me well, know how I feel about the cold. GAH!

Next on the list..Great Ocean Road with D and Jay and visits with Karen, Jenna, and Allison. :)

love to you all,

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Return to OZ!!

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So, since this is the best and easiest way to let everyone know about my Oz adventures, AND since I am traveling, it's the perfect time to get Lost on Purpose rolling again.

As you all may know already, I made it to MELBOURNE! YAY! It was a looooong day but well worth it. D cried a little when I arrived and I was greeted with warm hugs and of course a well needed bed. That sleep was sooo delightful and the shower this morning was heavenly. Thank you, thank you, thank you. :)

The flights went very well too. Only a little turbulence. But lots of snacks and meals and I got to watch Iron Man 2, Hot Tub Time Machine, and Wog Boys 2. Which is a really funny Aussie film. lol... The most daunting parts of my travels was the layovers in LA and Auckland. LA was about a 7 hour layover I think. And I was in Auckland for a whole day. GAH! Got there at 8am and left at 9pm. Had some good naps tho so I was happy.

As I'm typing this I feel as though I am on a plane right now and it's making me feel sick, so I'm gonna wrap this up. lol.

Some highlights of the trip:1. Saw a plane attendant putting a dog in the bottom of an airplane and before he put him in he gave it some water and was talking to it for about 5 minutes. Aww, it was nice to see.
2. Good looking men everywhere.
3. Saw some celebs at LAX. James King?, a Soapstar, and I think someone from 30Rock but wasn't quite sure.
And, 4. Security didn't take the popcorn that Nina gave me for Jay and D.

Um, that's about all I can think of right now....until next time!!!

LOVE to you all from Down Unda.
Katie ox

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What! A Birthday Apart?!

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Well dearest Katie, it was very different being away from your birthday festivities this I created some for you while I was away in Palm Springs! And there were so many other peeps who said Happy Birthday to me for you and wished you camera just could not contain all the love we were sending your way. Miss ya sista! xo

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It feels like ages ago!

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It's the end of April and it literally feels like ages ago since the Olympics and Paralympics were revving up Van-city and Whistler. After a busy month of reflection, unwinding and recentering here is the final Paralympic post!
Diane (my lovely friend I am living with while I'm out in BC) and I decided we were going to head to Whistler to check out the Closing Ceremonies. Our original plan was to spend the day up there watching Alpine, but VANOC had other plans for that and cancelled the event and moved it to another day. So there we are two chatty Cathy's driving up to Whistler in the pouring rain and having no clue what we're going to do when we get up there. Just another day in the life of Kelly really... :)

We had no tickets, but found out about the Athlete's Parade through the village which would lead them into the plaza for their Closing. We decided we'd watch the parade and then head into a restaurant or pub to watch the ceremonies on TV.

We we got there and I wanted a picture of myself on the podium which held the Paralympic symbol, emblem, rings, whatever they are...anyhow... While I'm up there I realize this is an amazing place from which to watch the parade and I haul Diane up with me! As the parade begins and the athletes from all over the world start rolling and walking by us I realize that we are in everyone's pictures because of the rings behind us!!! And in the mysterious ways of the Universe I have proof of this, which I will show you shortly.
It was an amazing experience to love on all these athletes and honour them for their dedication, courage and passion and it was pretty sweet to see those honkin' medals around some of their necks too!

After the closing was done, a lot of athletes came into the pub we were at. One in particular, Tim Farr and his family, chatted with Diane for a bit. I got my picture with him and his contact info to send it to him. Upon getting home and looking at my pictures I realize that I have a picture of him taking a picture of us during the of course I email him and tell him this and send him the photos and he replies with his photos attached as well. :) He's got a pretty cool story! Check him out here!

Now, aside from that synchronistically amazing event Diane and I made friends with a group of 10 or so British guys and one sweet gal, who were on their annual snowboarding/skiing trip. They were great! Many beers and laughs later we were escorted out of the bar and it was time to say farewell to the Paralympic symbols, which we honoured by taking a big group shot, to our new friends and to Whistler.

And now finally, a month and a bit later, a final farewell to the Paralympic Games a la Lost On Purpose. (and that was probably John Furlong quality French and I'm A-Okay with that)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Erin Go Braugh! Slainte!

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This was the first year since I was in Australia that Katie and I have been apart for St. Patty's Day (and even then I had friends with me) :( And last year certainly topped the list of amazing St. Patrick's Days. So this year I meandered into The Corner Bar in Vancouver and found myself a great little place to celebrate. Between Roger, the two Irishmen, Paul and Mick and the Aussie Simon, my glass was always full, a smile on my face and good Irish entertainment the entire time.

But St. Patty's Day is pretty simple... drink and have fun!

Well my St. Patrick's Day was not celebrated quite like usual. It usually consists of lots and lots of beer starting around noon. It's definitely my drunkest day of the year. And by about 5pm I'm ready for a quick cat nap to only start drinking again. Ahhh, I love this holiday!! So it's easy to see that Kel and I celebrate this holiday 100% and with a lot of passion...last St. Patty's proved that! lol

This year was the complete opposite, but I had a lot of fun! My friend Danielle and I decided to make an Irish dish. Chicken with cabbage and bacon and BOXTY!! aka potato pancakes. Delish! It was good company and good eats. And later we watched "P.S. I Love You", which made me want to go to Ireland even more....

Anyways, the best holiday never disappoints no matter what you do! And when you're among the Irish you're bound to have a good time!

Won't You Be My 'Neighbour'...and ride the ZipLine With Me?

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Being as I've been a weekend warrior because the transit is so cheap then, I decided that I would check out a Wheelchair Curling event during the Paralympic Games. The place was only half full so I got to stand when I wanted and was really pretty darn comfy.

Katie, I was alright as far as commentating went...Robin, who MC's the World Cup series sat next to me and kept me up to speed the entire time. He even told me who everyone was and what they were like and pretty much anything and everything he could to keep talking to me. He was cheering for Switzerland and was rooting for Norway to win against Canada. I'm still trying to figure that one out! There was no doubt in my mind Canada had the game!

Mr. Rogers came about when Darryl Neighbour made a good play and the gentleman next to me stood up and yelled out "Won't you be my neighbour?!" It was a classic moment, kind of like amazing punch lines that occur in the moment. But it was a tight game and it came down to Canada's last rock that blocked out Norways final curl. The energy was awesome!

Although I don't remember what I did directly after curling, I know I ended up in line at the Zip Line at Robson Square. It was worth the wait! Especially when I coaxed Alexi from Montreal into staying in line and doing it with me! So much more fun when you do things with other people, even if you've only just met them in line!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

One inspires many...

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Well, I'm on my own now out in BC (well without Katie anyway)...left to my own devices, can't sit still, gotta check stuff out...

My plan for the Paralympic Opening Ceremonies was to watch them from a pavillion downtown after going on the zipline. Well, instead of doing that, I listened to the woman on the bus, made myself a little sign,
held it up and said with a big smile on my face, "Anybody have an extra ticket?" It took me less than a minute to find a ticket for the right price!

'One inspires many' is the motto for the Paralympic Games and I believe it is true. It alwasy starts with one person, one thought, one dream or vision, one action and then somewhere it becomes something great. It would have been tres cool if Katie had been able to stay out here! Then again, I wouldn't have gotten the ticket I did if there were two of us....I guess it's all perfect the way it is!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

We believe!

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I really have no idea what to write for this post. This video is a montage of 17 days of absolute amzingness. Looking back at those two weeks is like looking at a mosaic of hundreds of pictures...a bit of a blur.

Words can't describe what it was like to be here, to be Canadian and to have the privelage of hosting the world. The Olympics is about sport, and it's also about peace through sport. The energy the Olympics carries with it, even the torch relay back in December in Leamington, is something that is unexplainable.

The Olympics are a feeling for me now. Bigger than sport, bigger than a gold medal; it's a feeling in my heart I'll always carry with me.

It's believing...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Seeing Gold!!!

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As Canada took to the ice in the final Gold Medal match against the USA there was a calm confidence among the city and all it's people. I think everyone in the country said a hockey prayer and left it up to the hockey Gods having complete faith in a positive outcome.

After a heart wrenching end to the third period, we all took a collective breath and said, "Alright, let's do this!" AND WE DID!!! In an unassuming Canadian way, I feel as a country, we just knew we would win that game...we believed!!! It was just our time, for this gold and every other gold we got over the games. It was time for Canada to shine, to claim ourselves a spot amongst the top in the world and to fight for a sport that runs like blood through our veins.

It was truly a uniting moment for us, as Canadians, as hockey fans, as a country; a full circle moment and at the end of that game, there were tears of joy and pride and high fives at every turn!

One thing I know for sure is that a goal scored by Sidney Crosby led to a medal of Gold and a new era for Canada post Vancouver 2010...words cannot describe the emotions and footage will never do it justice. As Canadians we all know what we felt and it felt DAMN GOOD! GO CANADA GO!

Monday, March 1, 2010

HARD! HARD!...WHOA,..whoaaaaa...

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Kel and I attended the Bronze Medal match for Women's Curling. We've never watched it live and, well, never actually understood the game. lol. But after we caught on it was a great time and surprisingly pretty intense. Although we were cheering for Switzerland, China won bronze respectfully. All in all a great morning. The highlight:seeing Quatchi!!

Later that day we watched the Canadian women snag silver and watched the Men's Canadian Hockey Team overtake Slovakia. It was an intense last 5 minutes but we held on. Go Canada!!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Women's Wednesday and Triumphant Thursday

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It was an amazing women's Wednesday at the Olympic games for Canada. Many of our strong female athletes took to the podium and made their country proud! We celebrated along with the rest of Canada, and were behind our athletes 100%.

The next day Joannie Rochette proved to be a champion with or without her Bronze medal, and it was one of the most touching moments throughout the 17 days. We then headed out to Livecity Yaletown to see Johnny Reid and meet up with some friends. We all headed to Earl's to catch up and it just so happened that the Swiss hockey team was there. And Kel got a photo with them! I was in the bathroom!! Damn! lol. If anyone meets Roman Wick from Switzerland please give him my number. haha

Every night at Livecity Yaletown there was a Laser Waterworks Show. It was pretty incredible and at times emotional. These Olympics were amazing and pulled at our heart-strings many times over. Enjoy!

Dear Hockey Gods...

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In the words of the Russians in past competitions, "God was with them..."
Let us pray!

Our Father,

Who art in GM place,

HOCKEY be thy name.

Thy will be done,

GOLD will be won,

On ice as well as in the stands.

Give us this day our hockey sticks

And forgive us our penalties,

As we forgive those who cross-check against us.

Lead us not into elimination but deliver us to Victory,

In the name of the fans of hockey, in the name of CANADA,



Friday, February 26, 2010

Who Says Women Can't Play Hockey? Not us!

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What started out as a lazy afternoon became one of the most random fun nights in Vancouver yet! I got a text from my friend Marc wondering if Kel and I wanted to go to the women's hockey semi-finals. CAN vs FIN. Um, ya! So we left as fast as we could considering our commute is about 1 1/2 hours to downtown. lol. Needless to say we missed most of the first period...but it was all worth it. Got some tickets off some scalpers, who Marc was scoping for about 20 minutes while waiting for us, and then headed in.

Turns out our seats were actually a suite! Pretty sweet! And it just got better from there. Met LOTS of people from Ontario, almost everyone in our suite and even the neighbours beside us. Of course, Canada won and our hometown girl Megan Agosta got a goal! We got everyone's attention when that happened because we were screaming so loud. We even made a sign, supporting in full force!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


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Livecity Yaletown: Free
Coca-cola House: Free
Victory Ceremony: $26
Russia House: Free
Seeing Canadian Jon Montgomery receive Gold: PRICELESS

Some of the most amazing days on our Olympic journey yet. Obviously we took in Jon Montgomery's victory ceremony. And afterwards watched British band Stereophonics. Earlier in the day we checked out the Russian house, which got us excited about the 2014 Olympics in Sochi. May plan to go to those ones too,...who knows? lol

Granville Island and Yaletown are always bumpin so it was only fitting that we check it out and see what all the fuss is about. It didn't disappoint. Lots of things to do and always something to keep you busy!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Don't walk away...Sam!!

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Took in some great Canadian music while out here in Vancouver for the big games. Sam Roberts was playing in Surrey and we couldn't pass up the chance to see him. He was absolutely amazing. And even better LIVE, than we were hoping!!

Here's some of the random things going on in Downtown Vancouver at night during the Olympics. Some things we didn't catch...ball hockey in the street, multiple outbursts of 'Oh Canada' and of course the thousands of people draping the maple leaf down their backs. Such pride here in Vancity!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It Was an Eventful Day 6 at the Olympics

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Wednesday was Day 6. The day we went to the hockey game. We took in as much as we could! Absolutely loving everything!

Taking to the Ice

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Alright...Here Comes the Action!

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3 days before the games begin, the torch runs through White Rock and a beauty of a sunny afternoon got us out in the town.

We made our way out to a celebration site to check out the Opening Ceremonies...

We embraced the rain and the wind and had a wicked time!

And the sun came out tomorrow! Another day downtown soaking in the spirit!

Next post...what we did on our ''days off''!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Kickin' Off the Games!

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So we made it out to Vancouver!!! We took in some Torch Relay in White Rock on Tuesday morning, but we were really ready for the Opening Ceremonies.

Our intention for documenting the games is to do our best to get a post a day up of a synopsis of our day and then create some more picture/video related material that actually shows what we've been doing.

Today...Day 1... Enjoy. Must get sleep to have more fun tomorrow! xo

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Leaving On A Jet Plane!

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A bit ago we posted a video and some words about the Olympic Torch coming through Leamington and that 'plans were in the works'!

Well our flights are book and we'll be arriving in British Columbia on the 8th of February. I think this might be one of the first times we've written a post about something in the future as opposed to reflecting on the past. It's kind of nice!

From Vancouver

We've still got to check out what sites and celebrations we want to take in and whether or not we'll be attending any events, which will give me lots to do this week while Katie is off celebrating other things with her friends this weekend! We both have to start packing too...

Katie has booked a return trip and me...well I booked a one-way knowing that I'll be back in Ontario in June for a short time. That makes packing a bit different, leaving many things unknown, and I'm quite excited about that. It's three days away from being a year since we first ventured out Lost On Purpose and we're really pumped about heading off a new adventure with the Olympics! It's going to be an amazing experience celebrating the games with the world in Vancouver!!! YEAH YEAH!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

An Olympic Journey Begins...

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On December 23, 2009, the Olympic Torch made it's way through our hometown of Leamington, Ontario. It was an early morning (by our recently decided standards) of being out the door by 7am to get to the celebration in town. Katie and I picked up some friends and headed to the Leamington Kinsmen Recreation Complex for the festivities! Being the most souther part of Canada, we were a celebration community which meant there was a stage show and lots of cool stuff to check out. From Coca-Cola, RBC and of course the Vancouver Olympic Organizers, it was a great show. There were quite a few local stars who performed too. Erin Armstrong sang a beautiful operatic song, Claire Hanson and her dance partner danced, there was a choir that sang O'Canada and Meghan Agosta of the CDN Women's Hockey Team along with a couple other paraolympic athletes said a few words. It was nice to see the people we grew up with at school or at the arena take the stage and do their thing.

We caught a taste of what the morning offered. I will warn you, in true Mullen fashion, there is screaming and cheering on this might be loud :)

The excitement of the morning certainly permeated through the rest of the day and into the holidays. The wheel's began to turn and we started asking ourselves, "Could we really go to the Olympics? Like, for real...the Olympics." It seemed a bit surreal, talking about making our Olympic dream a reality. Yet those questions quickly had answers, "Well, we would have a few places to stay, I wonder how much flights are...and we'll look into surrounding airports too...and we definitely need to check out the schedule." And with Christmas gifts being money we certainly had a start to our potential adventure!
There are most definitely plans in the works....Vancouver 2010, get ready!