Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What! A Birthday Apart?!

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Well dearest Katie, it was very different being away from your birthday festivities this I created some for you while I was away in Palm Springs! And there were so many other peeps who said Happy Birthday to me for you and wished you camera just could not contain all the love we were sending your way. Miss ya sista! xo

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It feels like ages ago!

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It's the end of April and it literally feels like ages ago since the Olympics and Paralympics were revving up Van-city and Whistler. After a busy month of reflection, unwinding and recentering here is the final Paralympic post!
Diane (my lovely friend I am living with while I'm out in BC) and I decided we were going to head to Whistler to check out the Closing Ceremonies. Our original plan was to spend the day up there watching Alpine, but VANOC had other plans for that and cancelled the event and moved it to another day. So there we are two chatty Cathy's driving up to Whistler in the pouring rain and having no clue what we're going to do when we get up there. Just another day in the life of Kelly really... :)

We had no tickets, but found out about the Athlete's Parade through the village which would lead them into the plaza for their Closing. We decided we'd watch the parade and then head into a restaurant or pub to watch the ceremonies on TV.

We we got there and I wanted a picture of myself on the podium which held the Paralympic symbol, emblem, rings, whatever they are...anyhow... While I'm up there I realize this is an amazing place from which to watch the parade and I haul Diane up with me! As the parade begins and the athletes from all over the world start rolling and walking by us I realize that we are in everyone's pictures because of the rings behind us!!! And in the mysterious ways of the Universe I have proof of this, which I will show you shortly.
It was an amazing experience to love on all these athletes and honour them for their dedication, courage and passion and it was pretty sweet to see those honkin' medals around some of their necks too!

After the closing was done, a lot of athletes came into the pub we were at. One in particular, Tim Farr and his family, chatted with Diane for a bit. I got my picture with him and his contact info to send it to him. Upon getting home and looking at my pictures I realize that I have a picture of him taking a picture of us during the of course I email him and tell him this and send him the photos and he replies with his photos attached as well. :) He's got a pretty cool story! Check him out here!

Now, aside from that synchronistically amazing event Diane and I made friends with a group of 10 or so British guys and one sweet gal, who were on their annual snowboarding/skiing trip. They were great! Many beers and laughs later we were escorted out of the bar and it was time to say farewell to the Paralympic symbols, which we honoured by taking a big group shot, to our new friends and to Whistler.

And now finally, a month and a bit later, a final farewell to the Paralympic Games a la Lost On Purpose. (and that was probably John Furlong quality French and I'm A-Okay with that)