Saturday, July 25, 2009

Old Friends in New Places...

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There is so much to do while in Alberta. And Kel and I FINALLY went to one of their most popular tourist locations of all, Banff National Park. We originally weren't going to go to Banff until the next day, but when we got to Canmore (our hosting for the night), the people we were staying with weren't actually at their house. lol. So we decided we might as well go.

We basically flew right through Banff and headed to Lake Louise. While we were walking up to the lake I looked over to my left and saw 2 people I haven't seen in months. My uni friends Dave and Brad were there! I was planning to meet up with them at some point but the universe thought then and there was as good a place as any. lol. HOW COOL! So we ended up spending the day with them. We sat by the lake for awhile catching up and enjoying the view. The guys seemed very appreciative of the beauty of it and the park itself. After tree planting for 2 months I guess you start seeing things in a new light.

Along with Lake Louise we headed to Lake Morraine, which I thought was even more beautiful, as if it's possible! Lake Morraine had a lot more was rugged and secluded. It' also called the Valley of ten Peaks because there are ten huge mountains along it's base. It's gorgeous!!

After that we all headed to Johnson Canyon to the waterfall. It was, again, beautiful! Everything there is pretty wonderful. lol. The best part was the cave that we went through that took us right in front of the waterfall. It was cold and wet but awesome! Fresh glacier water! That's the other thing, all the lakes are very's really pretty.

Our afternoon in wilderness gave us growling stomach's which led to a quick grocery shop at Safeway. Being with other travellers on a budget is awesome! You start to appreciate grocery stores and coolers a hell of a lot more! And minivans apparently.....We had dinner in Brad's van in the Safeway parking lot. It was quite a set-up with lawn chairs and everything. We were quite cozy and the company was the best part! :)

We eventually made our way back to Canmore where we stayed with our cousin's inlaws, Moe and Garth. We hadn't seen them in a realllllly long time so I had forgotten what they looked like. lol. But they were very welcoming and had a beautiful home that Kel and I were very appreciaticve to have stayed in. We visited with them the next morning and they told us all about their travels to Europe. Can't wait to go there!

Another rainy day in Alberta didn't stop us from going to Jasper and seeing the icefields on our way. Now we saw the Athabasca Glacier and I must say I wasn't impressed. I thought it was going to be alot bigger and more like a glacier....but it really just looked like ice on a mountain. I guess that's what it is, but I just wasn't expecting that. lol. It was neat though, and something to see. We headed to the Athabasca Falls as well. Beautiful, but probably would have been gorgeous to see on a sunny day!

Finally we made it to Jasper. I like Jasper. It's alot quieter than Banff and more low-key. When we got there my friend Whitney, whom we were going to stay with, was at work. So to pass the time we headed to the local brewery, where else? lol. We eventually made it to her place and got to see where she lived now. In a lodge basically. She works for the lodge and lives there as well. It reminded me of residence life in uni, prolly not something I would like to repeat. lol. We just chilled all night and caught up with one another. It was awesome to be around old friends again. I'm getting excited to head back home in Septmeber and see everyone again!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Calgary Stampede...Day 2

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After Nashville North we needed a little recovery time. We chilled out all afternoon, worked on the blog a bit, slept and hung out with Lisa. We were contemplating whether to stay another night or head to Canmore and Banff, but Kenny's advice was not to leave until we've seen a Chuckwagon Race and the Grandstand Show. His words were, "If I thought it was awesome and I liked it then you two definitely gotta go."

If Kenny sat through a Grandstand Show, lived to tell and lived to tell others to go to it?! We had to go. Basically if he liked it, the possibility that Kel and I would like it are about 99%. Not because he's our cousin and we like the same things, but because Kel and I are like little kids and get excited about the smallest of things. Kenny on the other hand..not so much. So we did. When we left Lisa's it was sunny, when we got to the park it was rainy. It poured pretty much the entire 3.5 hours we were there. I think maybe for 45mins combined there was no rain....but it was worth it! Good thing I brought my little cover-up. lol.

Now we want to see a motorcross! That stuff is sick! The video doesn't quite do the show justice. It was wayyyyy more than we excpected and the performers were incredible. And they did most of it in the rain. I was impressed.

It was a wicked, what, 3 days? in Calgary. Cowboys and cowboys and horses and cowboys...sorry, I lost my train of thought there... :) I think you're on the right track. Cowboys, cowboys.....cowboys...........

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Calgary Stampede...Day 1

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We got up really early with no clue how to get downtown for the parade. We ended up taking the bus right downtown a block from the parade route and parked ourself on a corner where we had a great view of everything! Katie and I decked out in our 'new to us' cowboy boots...hehe...we looked and felt like real cowgirls! Value Village has a great selection of cowboy boots...well in Alberta anyway. But of course you must clean them before wearing. This is important.

Thing about Calgary is that a good chunk of people from home relocated out there so we were expecting to run into a few people we knew, but when we ran into Kara, we were pretty surprised! We grew up figure skating with Kara and her of which now plays for Team Canada, Meghan Agosta. That was just the start of our little Leamington reunion...we knew a few of them were out there, but some were entirely unexpected!

Apparently we were so captivated at the rodeo that we didn't take any pictures or video of the bucking horse or bull riding. It was awesome! IT WAS THE BEST PART!! lol. But yes, wayyy to into it to even think about snapping any pics. Our friend Cheyenne's brother was one of the bull riders! He didn't do so well the first day, but the second day I guess he kicked a$$.

Nashville North was also awesome. Met up with Kenny and Jarod's just say it was A LOT of fun! Kenny's got moves I've never seen! (I'm sure no one has ever or will ever see those moves again!) Well he's now on youtube so everyone can see them! hah! Luv ya cuz!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Warm-Up...The Day Before Stampede!

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Our purpose for heading back to Calgary was just to experience the Calgary Stampede... "THE GREATEST OUTDOOR SHOW ON EARTH!"

One of the Stampede Traditions is that local businesses have Free, yes free... :) pancake breakfasts every morning of the Stampede. Well CBC Radio, one of the official stampede peoples had their breakfast the day before the festivities even began! It started at 7am so Katie, Alanna and I got ourselves down there before 7 and were still behind almost 100 people! Yes, 7 am in the morning and there was a line all the way down the street. These people are keeners. I thought we were for being there at 7, but I guess not!

We were served by the Mayor of Calgary, Dave Bronconnier, who gave us each an extra pancake when he found out we were all the way from Ontario. I think he said, "You're hungry and weary travellers." I didn't protest, they were goooood pancakes! We moved down the line to get some sausage and then enjoyed the entertainment.

The hoop dancers name was Dallas Arcand and the Asian marching band came all the way from Tapei, Tawain. They were also in the parade the next day. We also met Harry the Horse, the official Stampede mascot. He was prety cool. Although he slightly resembles a giraffe....

That afternoon we were totally geeked about hitting up the Stampede. We went to our friend Lisa's house. Another of our childhood friends. Me and Katie and Lisa and her sister Stacey were inseprable when we were together. It had been a long time since seeing Lisa so it was awesome to catch up. She's quite the hostess! Lots of awesome food and good company. She took good care of us and made sure we didn't go hungry while we were there. lol.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

We be Jammin' in JUNE!

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Juuuune! Thanks to all who made it fantastic! Lots of love and appreciation! <3

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Maybe the Most Random Stop Yet?...Edmonton!

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When we were in South Dakota we chatted with our mom who informed us that our neighbour from home (who lives in Edmonton) had been in a pretty serious car accident and that the family was out west visiting him. We were headed that way anyway, so why not stop by and do what we can? So we did!

A little back story. Katie and I grew up with Jason's sister Nikki (well him too). They lived across the road and we pretty much spent every moment possible with each other as long as we didn't hate each other or had something else to do. From dirtbikes, farm wagons, house, hide and seek, tree forts to tree climbing... So when we found out Jason wasn't doing so hot we really didn't question it, we just went.

We had no idea what hospital he was at, or how to get ahold of Nikki or their parents. So we just started calling every hospital in Edmonton. We found it, called to see if when we could visit and went. The first day he didn't look amazing, but I know I had expected much worse!

He was riding his bicycle to work and was hit by a truck resulting in something like 9 broken ribs, 2 collapsed lungs, some spine problems (maybe a break or fracture or something) and something with his hip...I didn't get it all, there was a lot to take in!

So when I first saw him I was impressed he was awake and coherent enough to chat and joke around. The second day we went back to pick up Nikki and take her to the airport and he was doing much better. They had given him a shave and he was in even better spirits than the day before. We're still sending our love vibes his way in hopes of the fastest and most awesomely amazing recovery ever!! lol. If you're reading this, please send some love. :) The more the better....couldn't hurt. Thanks!

Apparently the day before his accident he was asking his parents to come out west and they hadn't said yes, but the next day they were on a plane out there...obviously not for the reason they'd like, but the world works in funny ways. Makes you realize how quick things change and how little control you have over anything. I know it made me appreciate life more and the people that have been and still are in it today.

So other than hanging out at the hospital, Katie and I did catch the main attraction...THE West Edmonton Mall!!!! Since neither of us have been there, we weren't sure what to expect. But it was actually pretty cool. And very random. There's a water park, bungee jumping platform, amusement park, and a skating rink just to name a few. Sooo massive and a little overwhelming, but was a good distraction and had lots to see.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Saskatchewan, naturally.

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When we said we were going to Saskatchewan, most people asked, "Why? There's nothing to do there!" And although that may be true, that's part of its beauty!

We pulled up to the Saskatchewan,, customs??? Simple is the best way to describe our border experience in Saskatchewan. Pen and paper and off we go! Our first stop was Bengough, where we decided to camp in a completely empty campground in gail force winds! That didn't fly so we slept in the car....

Our entire purpose for visiting this part of Saskatchewan was because our Grandma was born in a little itty bitty place called Horizon. Although it was actually populated and busy when she lived there it has since been pretty much abandoned, but preserved as a community area. Right along the train tracks, there are grain elevators, church and a few random houses. But oddly enough, my Gram's house is still standing...beat to crap by the years and weather it's seen, but still standing.

We saw where her dad and brother were buried and where she was born. It's a bit surreal, like many other things on our journey, to sit and imagine what it would have been like in the 1930s in the middle of Saskatchewan without anything even remotely close to what we have now in the way of communications and electronics. Now that's another lifetime!

That morning we made friends with the owner of TK's at breakfast and were invited back for some home made 'authentic' fettuccine alfredo on the house. We don't ever pass up free food, so we hung out with the owner for a few hours, ate some amazing bread and pasta and watched some stuff in memory of Michael Jackson on the TV...we were a little late in finding out the news.

After that we pretty much headed up to Regina, hoping to get a call from our friends there, but no dice so we just kept going, just like the land in Saskatchewan. (haha) Through Saskatoon and into Alberta. We passed a place called 'Findlater'. We laughed pretty hard. Find-Later. Please tell me you got that :)

But really, had we not gone to Saskatchewan we would't be able to appreciate the quiet, the openness of the land and sky and the sheer magnificence of solitude that we do now. There have been many places that have been quiet and open, but something about Saskatchewan is a little homier, a little warmer and a little more soft.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dead Prezzies and a Crazy Horse!

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The Black Hills is a beautiful part of the states. Lots of wild west history like Wild Bill, Calamity Jane, Colonel Custard and the Lakotas...I liked the Black Hills A LOT! Good energy.

Our first stop was Crazy Horse. The biggest rock sculpture in the world (no where near finished) in honour of the Native American Crazy Horse. The monument is meant to honour all Native Americans and their culture. The laser show was sick.

Our second stop was, well technically, the Flintsontes parking lot! I had to see it. You could actually go in the park but I think you had to pay and I didn't want to spend any money. lol. Plus the parking lot was entertaining enough. But after that it was Mount Rushmore aka. Dead Prezzies as per Katie. Little did we know that the sculpture isn't even finished, nor will it ever be because the rock under George W will collapse if anything else is blasted from it....Poor Honest Abe's head isn't even totally sculpted...he's still hiding in the rock.

We scooted out to the Badlands for a quick tour (so HOT!) and the entire way there we kept seeing these signs for Wall Drugs...well this place had to be a superstore because each sign had something different...well, it was! Ya, it pretty much had evrything. Even fake mounted Jackelope heads.

I wanted to take a quick cruise through Deadwood...I think the Universe wanted otherwise cuz I got pulled over for speeding...woops. I really had no idea I was going as fast as I was, but Officer Ken on the other hand, did. He was really cool. He took me back to the cruiser and did all the paper work...which was only a warning THANK GOD! And I asked him about what the codes were he was calling in. He was checkin' to see if I was wanted in the state or in the country...turns out I'm not. lol. If it weren't for him, we never would have found the cemetary where Wild Bill and Calamity Jane were buried! Divine intervention...ya ok. We got out of Deadwood pretty fast. Maybe I was a cowboy in a past life and that was my karma...hmm.

The next day we hit the road towards Saskatchewan...through North Dakota. It's not the long and winding road out's the long straight, uninhabited road out there! We got goofy after seeing like the 50th herd of cattle....but the fresh air was good and the view was endless.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Father's Day!

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To all the father's in the world. Thank you, you make a difference!

Our father...who art (not) in heaven...flew into Colorado from LA after a course for Father's Day. We picked him up at the airport and met his new friends Trina, her husband Larry, and Susan. All very cool people and we went out for breakfast, well more like lunch. I don't remember what the place in Arvada was called, but their Huevos Rancheros was awesome!

Trina and Larry have a cabin on the west side of Rocky Mountain National Park and were kind enough to let us use it for the night. We drove through the park, saw lots of elk and another moose and fox, and travelled on the highest paved road in the US. We made a wicked pasta dinner and just relaxed!

Of course Dad got up before us and was off having breakfast when I was sort of waking up. He walked in and said the magic words, "Hey, get up we're going horseback riding." SWEET! We had been wanting to go riding since Montana. So we got up, went to the Bear's Den for breakfast and wrote a little blurb in their guestbook/diaries at the tables and then walked around town for a while waiting to go riding.

We finally got to go riding through Rocky Mountain National Park. It was a beautiful ride. I got the fattest horse and rode off centre for a long time without realizing it. And I loved when it started to trott to catch up to Katie's horse and I felt like I was going to fall off because my saddle was just a little off and I wasn't prepared... My horse was called Monkey! haha And he was really small. But he rocked. And Dad's was Rhino. And he almost put him to sleep because he wouldn't stop singing to him. But according to Dad he loved it. lol

After our riding, we grabbed lunch and headed back to Denver to get Dad back to the airport. We stopped quickly at Red Rocks Amphitheatre (we missed it the first time we were in CO). It's every bit as amazing as everyone says. I can't wait to go back and watch a concert there under the stars! Amazing!

Dad departed and we headed to Fort Collins for the night. Had amazing wings and pizza with Ben, Mike and Heather. Mike is so curious about was like Jeopardy, with Canada as the only topic! Katie got to rekindle her flame with Tony, who has only gone from manly regal cat to playful cuddly cat. Too cute.

Yep, I still love Colorado...wonder when we'll go back again? If it was up to Kelly we'd be there every weekend.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Just as good the second time around...

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We headed south from Cody and headed for Colorado. We were actually planning on staying in Cheyenne (which I like to pronounce as chien-like dog in french) a night, but after Kelly talked to RJ and he said we could get to Denver a lot sooner than we thought we figured we might as well giv'er and get down there. No point in paying to spend the night somewhere when we have friends close by. And we were heading there anyways...

Aurora is always a good time. I say that like I've visited there a million times, but I guess the company is what makes the difference. So we arrived a day early. We crashed again. A whole day of driving wipes you out!

Friday was pretty relaxing...well for RJ anyways. After a massage from Kel he got a short one from me, but it soon turned into me doing his hair all pretty. lol. He quite enjoyed it, and it was actually his idea. Later we went to the Movie Tavern and watched 'The Hangover', which by the way is hilarious. So hilarious! Especially since we had just been in Vegas. We didn't just watch the movie, we got to eat too! It's not like a normal theatre, half the seats, big comfy chairs and a menu with good food and drinks!

The boys went to a wedding that night and Katie and I hung out at the house, put together some videos, hung out with their roomate Cassara and drank some wine. We only remembered RJ's warning about drinking in altitude the morning after...if you're not used to it, it'll kick you in the ass A LOT quicker than you think!

Saturday night was just as fun. After a day of movie after movie after movie, 'Fired Up' is a great flick by the way. 'Fired Up' is actually really funny. I thought it was gonna be another stupid movie, but it was another stupid movie that was actually funny. We decided to try our hand out at our own gymnastics! RJ and I had handstand contests, although I'm not sure we were really competing, but that quickly turned into then pairs! YES! I finally got to be a pairs skater. That was my dream my whole skating career but I was too tall! RJ and I had the most amazing lift and I am so proud! Thank god RJ is big enough and strong enough to lift me so smoothly! :D

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rodeo in the Rain

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Cody, Wyoming. We arrived in the rain, we played in the rain, and we slept in the rain. I guess that whole theory of 'we bring the sun with us wherever we go' isn't so true anymore. lol. Well we are the sunshine...just sometimes mother nature has to do it's thang, yes?

It rained and rained and rained, but that didn't stop Kel and I from having a good time. When we were in Billings we picked up a brochure for the Cody Rodeo. Said there was a rodeo every night in the summer. I think that's the only reason we choose Cody to stay the night over alllll the other cities in Wyoming. lol. But it was a good choice! The rodeo was a lot of fun and got us pumped for the Calgary Stampede!

We camped at a place called Ponderosa something or other. The man who checked us in reminded me a bit of David Koechner, the sportscaster in the movie Anchorman with Will Ferrell. He was bald, very animated and loved to talk. He was pretty excited that we were all the way from Ontario, as most people are, and that we were so gung ho about the rodeo and Cody!

In the morning we had breakfast at The Irma, which is a really old hotel downtown Cody. It's very western and very cool! And had a lot of character. If ever there I suggest checking it out. A lot of the stuff downtown is still original, but with obvious maintenance and upgrades. Lots of log/wood cabins and stores and faded signs on the tops of buildings. Irma's or 'The Irma' as they call it is the original hotel/saloon of Buffalo Bill (one of them western peoples I need to learn about someday).
We then headed south and made a stop in Douglas for an oil change. Ok, so we get there and there are these rabbits with antlers...everywhere! Not real ones, but there are statues and posters and even designs of them on the bridges and benches. I had no idea what the hell they were or better yet WHY they were plastered all over this town. I later found out that they are jackalopes. And they are supposedly mythical creatures. You should read up about it on Wikipedia because it's actually quite interesting and funny. Anyways, long story short, today they are mostly used to play tricks on tourists (haha, it worked!) President Reagan apprently started the joke when he mounted a jackalope on his wall and claimed he killed it. Obviously a fake. Douglas, Wyoming just so happens to be the 'Home of the Jackalope' and they even give out hunting licences to tourists. Hunting season is only one day of the year. haha. And get this, in Rock Springs there have been sightings of real jackelopes. Not sure about that, but who knows!!
Funny, I had a dream about a jackalope last night...haha.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


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From Montana we headed to Wyoming. More specifically Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area. W-O-W! It is quite small compared to the usual large National Parks we're in, but it is beautiful and totally worth it!!

And the best part....WILD HORSES! It doesn't sound like much, but it is unbelievable. They are such beautiful creatures and watching them run was amazing. I swear it's almost like your watching them in slow motion because your brain can't register how beautiful they really are in real time. And then before you know it they disappear over a hill or something and you wish you could watch them all day. It's so incredible!! I love horses by the way, if you didn't get that already. :)

When we arrived at the park we didn't see any, and we were thinking maybe it wasn't gonna happen for us. Then as we turned a corner we saw a mama horse and a babay. As we turned the next corner there was the most gorgeous blonde male horse waiting for them at the top of the hill. So cool! So we hung out with them for awhile and then cruised looking for more. We were blessed near the end of the day when we got the chance to see two horses running together in the hills in the distance. Awesome!

Along with the horses the landscape was amazing. It was actually really rough and harsh but still amazing. And it's clear Mother Nature rules the show here. Kel and I were thinking about camping but it was a little intimidating. I think the land belongs to the horses anyways...there are about 250 of them. I would love to see them all!! lol.

Bighorn was amazing. Katie pretty much hit it on the head. It was absolutely magic.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Montana...Big Sky Country

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After being in Yellowstone for a couple days I was ready for a long hot shower and a nice comfy bed. So thats's basically all we did in Montana.

We drove straight to Billings (not sure why) and stopped at the visitor's centre. Not much was going on. Well we stopped in Livingston, which was a beautiful little town, for information. They didn't have much, but we took in the original architecture and the mountain backdrop for a little before hitting the higway. Plus I got a travel book with a Bingo game in it! Kept me occupied the entire way to Billings! We did however meet a very nice lady who worked there, (at the visitors centre in Billings, her name was Shirley) and although she was helping us figure out what to do in Billings, nothing really appealled to us as much as that bed and that shower. lol. (And it was the best shower ever! I must say...I could have stayed in there for hours.)

After eating dinner at Denny's we got a hotel room and crashed! Watched Las Vegas, which cured our desire for more Vegas energy..and we repacked out bags again, always trying to figure out what's the best way to organize all our stuff. But it's usually put back relatively in the same way. Oh well. We have come to the conclusion that when we get back home we are leaving ALOT of our belongings behind. Living simple has a whole new meaning. Even all the stuff we left in Vancouver to pick up when we go back is just too much stuff. You can always pick up what you need wherever you are and really...for the number of shoes I packed in February and the number of times I've worn my runners and flipflops, there's just no need for all the other ones!

Aside from that, Montana is a beautiful state. The mountains in the West and the rolling hills in the East. That big blue sky is forever reaching to the next bend and new heights. One of many pieces of paradise.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Knock knock...Park Ranger

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As we made our way across Idaho and into Wyoming we made a quick stop in Jackson Hole to pick up some groceries for our 3 day adventure in the parks. Jackson Hole is quite the happening place. In the winter it's a ski resort and in the summer...well it's pretty much just a party. We headed out to Grand Teton National Park for the night. Not without seeing like 4 moose though. By the time we made it to camp it was pretty darn dark so we decided to sleep in the the campsite. We prepared all our veggies and stuff so that we didn't have to worry about it later and basically just hung out.

It was raining in the morning when we left the campsite so we stopped to take a few pictures in case we didn't have a chance to get anymore, but a few hours later it cleared up enough for us to do a little trail and have a picnic. Katie was a little scared of all the bear warnings and scarfed down her lunch and packed up for fear that bears were going to find us :). In all fairness there were A LOT of bear warnings and maybe I can be a little non-chalant at times...I think that serves me; and my sanity.

Grand Teton was a beautiful place to see, but we soon head up to Yellowstone National Park for some more adventures.

Yellowstone is like the Disney of geothermal activity. I saw geothermal activity in New Zealand when I was there, but this was WAY more impressive! We made it through the geyser section of the east side of the park and then looked for a place to camp. Well the entire park was full so when we decided it was time to go to sleep we found a parking lot in the park and parked. Then 1am rolls around and:

"knock knock...park ranger. Are you aware it is illegal to camp in a parking lot ma'am?"
To which I replied no, while Katie is still sleeping in the back. As he took my license and reg over to his vehicle I pretty bluntly asked, "So are you going to be giving me a ticket or no?" Thankfully the answer was no, well it was 'we'll discuss that later', but I knew it was a no just by the uncertainty in his voice when he answered that.

So we got to spend the rest of the night in the visitors centre parking lot where the park rangers could keep a 'close eye' on us. I mean, we weren't worried about crazed maniacs running through the forrest to attack us, but I guess maybe in our sleepiness we failed to recall the information we had read about the strength of grizzlies and the potential danger wildlife and nature would pose. Lesson...Have a plan before you get too tired!

We headed out of Yellowstone at a good pace the next day...they had our information in the park system incase we'd be camping illegally again! We saw tonnes of wildlife...everything in the paper except for a wolf. Yes, a wolf. That was the only thing I wanted to see, and didn't. But that's ok. I'll be sure to find one next time. I'd go back for a longer time anyday.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Is this what the moon looks like?

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So if you've ever wondered what the surface of the moon would look like, I think Craters of the Moon is the closest you're gonna get to seeing it. Not sure if this is what it really looks like, but I wouldn't doubt it.

It's a pretty wierd thing to see. On our way into the park there were rolling, green, velvety hills to the left and harsh, jagged, awkward rocks to the right. Strange. Really strange. The craters were actually once volcanoes, and some still are I believe. Well there are volcanoes, but the craters, I think, are like parts of lava flows that shift and stuff with the earth. I dunno...that's my scientific rendition of it. Although there isn't much there, it is interesting to see. The land, for miles, is all rock. And it's not like anything I've ever seen before. We walked up to the top of one of the mounds/volcanoes and we could see for miles. It was pretty surreal really. Middle of nowhere, standing on an active (well sort of) volcano looking out over all kinds of lava rock formations for miles. Like the moon...eerily quiet and amazingly beautiful all the same.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


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To all things Canadian, eh...

..also Canadian,
Dan Akroyd, Martin Short, John Candy, Chevy Chase,
Wheat, wildlife, free healthcare,
Beer is good go grab a case!

Canadian Tire, Shopper's Drug Mart, Zellers and The Bay,
Degrassi, Airfarce, Rick Mercer, all are A-OK!

Peter Mansbridge is the best,
Celine Dion has passed the test.

East Coast, west coast, Saskatchewan,
David Suzuki, you're the bomb!

Oot and aboot or out and about,
Us Canadians know how to work it out...ya eh!?

To anyone who would like to contribute to our list of all things Canadian, please feel free to leave comments below. :)