Friday, February 25, 2011

Junkanoo anyone???

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Part of being in the Bahamas during the Christmas Holidays is that you get the opportunity to take in a local and from what I understand and island tradition...Junkanoo. The link on the title is the most information I've seen on Junkanoo. More than the locals were able to give us anyways :)

It happens on December 26th and January 1st...supposedly in the wee hours of the morning. Being on island time, they didn't start until the early hours of the

This video is the first round the parade took down the street of Alice Town. That kid at the end is Kegan...he was from Toronto and we ran into him everywhere. He's also dancing on the bar with an older ladie in the New Year's video. This kid just made my heart sing. So open, so free and so curious. I realized I could use a little more of his lifestyle in my life.

In the last few days in Bimini we went snorkelling again at Honeymoon Harbour and then at the Sapona shipwreck. The water at this wreck was freezing, but there were all sorts of cool things to take in. Justin, Ty and Drew were all about going through little holes and seeing what was on the other side, which ended up being like little rooms, but I decided I'd stay in the main part of the ship. No little spaces with only a snorkel for me... Although I did venture through one at the back of the ship as it led out to the back deck where we found the prop and lots of other gear. I'm sure it has names, just don't know them :) (video)

And then as a final hoorah, we went and fed the sharks...again. This time dad got in the water...hung on to the back of the boat though, and took video. I'm still quite apprehensive about doing that. It's on my bucket list though... :) (video)

I'm excited to get back to Bimini...whenever that is!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The After-Effects are Blissful

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Post birthday bliss led to a relaxing afternoon snorkelling at the Three Sisters Rocks, also known as La Chance Rocks I believe. Bimini is also known for the Bimini Road which is said to be part of the ancient civilization of Atlantis, which is the reason my Dad ended up in Bimini in the first place a few years back. These rocks are not far from where that road begins.

Beauty creatures and beautiful rocks...

And of course a day of rest was required before the New Year's festivities were to begin because PS...we're crazy :) and fireworks by the beach are great!

Friday, February 4, 2011

A Bimini Style 28th Birthday

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Typically Katie and I create each other's birthday videos...that was not possible so fortunate for me I had little to do with the camera on the evening of my birthday. Well I'm still not sure if it was fortunate or not! lol. It was fun though!

In the words of the country music..."Some days you gotta dance, give it up when you get the chance, when the world doesn't make no sense and you're feelin' just a little too tense, you gotta loosen up those chains and daaance!" So I did...but only after spending a ridiculously amazing day snorkelling in Honeymoon Harbour.

I cannot tell you how majestic this day felt especially when two beautiful creatures decided to 'fly' through and say hello! Ah magic! And it doesn't hurt to know how to spear and clean a lobster either! Yum :)

Happy Birthday To Meeeee!!!
Thanks Drew, Ty, JC, Dimagio, Navaro.... :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bimini or Bust!

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It would be difficult to start this post without first acknowledging that it's very weird having gone on vacation without Katie. And then to write some posts seems very out of place as well, but Bimini is just too beautiful and too fun to keep inside any longer.

This beautiful island in the Bahamas is well...beautiful. Not too toursity, not too quiet, just the right amount of sun and sand and adventures to partake in. It's known for it's fishing so it's no surprise that its very seasonal. It was a great place to spend Christmas.

I will admit, it was sometimes a challenge staying with 5 guys/men...masculine I have a new appreciation for women with boys. It's all about food, killing stuff and burning stuff...and making noise. Overall it was great fun though.

The first week was like the warm-up... a bit of snorkelling, some karaoke and a night out on Christmas Eve.

And on a Christmas Day snorkelling venture I ran into a little friend I have been waiting to see since Australia!!!! Duuuuude! It made my holiday...until my birthday of course!