Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What! A Birthday Apart?!

Well dearest Katie, it was very different being away from your birthday festivities this I created some for you while I was away in Palm Springs! And there were so many other peeps who said Happy Birthday to me for you and wished you camera just could not contain all the love we were sending your way. Miss ya sista! xo


  1. Happy Birthday, happy happy birthday- we're in love with you, we're in love with you
    may happiness be yours through all the coming years and all the best to you, and all the best to you,
    so keep on smiling everyday and may your troubles wash away and may you never ever ever be blue,
    oh baby- happy birthday, happy happy birthday to you, wonderful you!!!!!!
    (I promised I would send the actually lyrics- true this is to the BEST of my recollection as well but I am 99% positive this is the song)

  2. Thanks for posting these lyrics!! My friend sings it to me every year and every year I try to memorize the lyrics and never quite succeed.