Thursday, August 13, 2009

I got a feeling, that Tofino will be a good time!

Surfs, sun, and relaxation! Oh, Tofino you treated us well. A week in Tofino was just what we needed after a week at Wizard. It fit perfectly and the randomness of Wizard continued through our week. And we were joined by my friend Deeds, which made it that much better!

We arrived in Tofino with no idea of where we were gonna sleep and what exactly we were going to do while there. All we knew was that surfing was a must and chilling at the beach was a priority. With limited money and free spirit we decided to ninja camp! lol. We set up camp on a logging road that our awesome friend Alex told us about. We didn't really know if he was for real or not so we had to ask at one of the shops and they were like, "Ya totally go to this logging road and there'll be tonnes of spots for you guys to crash at!" It was sweet! There were only about 3 other groups of campers with the same idea....and they were no where near us! Even though we were in the bush in the middle of nowhere, we were happy. I think Deeds was a little worried at first but she had faith that Kel and I had it under control. And we did!

When Kel and I were in Calgary and met up with Dave and Brad we planned to meet up again in Tofino, along with another Brock alum Kenora. The rest of the week we basically all hung out together and went surfing! The ocean was FREEZING! But it was worth it! Kel and I couldn't wait to go surfing again, but Deeds on the other hand was a little nervous. For her first time she did awesome! Getting the wetsuit on and off was a bigger challenge than anything. lol. Thank God for the wetsuits though! I'd have been an icicle without one!

It felt so good to be in the water and crash against the waves. It was the first time Kel and I had been in water and been swimming all summer. We needed it! And we missed it! And if we weren't surfing we were at least on the beach! It was the most beautiful week ever. Perfect weather and an amazing place. Definitely a slice of heaven.

There's something to be said about being in quiet beach towns where everyone is a friend and it doesn't matter what you're doing as long as it's making you happy. I really don't know the last time I felt that rested and ready to go!
I give major props to Deeds...Katie and my randomness can be a bit unnerving to some because it literally is chaos; no plans, no ideas, just going with the flow; and she was absolutely up for anything and ready to play! She didn't even mind when we picked up the two young guys trying to get a ride back to the airport:) They were cute...couldn't just let them keep running down the road...

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