Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's Rainy and We're at the Olympics!!!!!


  1. You asked what it's like to watch the games from where we are...

    My dad and I were talking about it today and came to the conclusion that as boring as some of these events are to watch (cross country skiing), it's more exciting to watch than anything else right now cause we NEVER get to see the olympics.

    Coolest part of watching them from home today... Seeing the helmet camera on one of luger's helmet! That is friggin sweet! Now I want to try it out! AND, I commented today on where I would want to stand when watching the luge on location... Definitely would want to be on one of the big corners near the end of the track! May only get a blink of an eye view (cause they're going 90+ miles per hour), but HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE?!?!?!

    Glad to see you girls are having such a good time out there!!! Stay warm and can't wait to see everything to come! =0)

    Love ya lots!


    PS: Will you be my Valentine? Happy Valentine's Day!!!

  2. Hi Ladies!!!

    Watching the Olympics at home is totally awesome. Everyone is so into it! When Alex Bilodeau won the first gold medal, we could heard cheering throughout our condo and I was in tears!!! I immediately wanted to hit up Zellars for some official Olympic gear!

    I can't even imagine how amazing it must be to be in Vancouver for these games. The city must be flowing with crazy positive energy!! Soak some of that up and bring it back home to Ontario!

    Also, you guys were talking about the opening ceremonies! I too, loved the leaves.. mostly because of the Joni Mitchell song!!!!

    Anyway, I must go... we're off to Leamington!!!!

    Love you girls.

  3. German and Holland houses are the partiers...surprise surprise! hahah :)

    Sounds like you guys are right where you need to be, surrounded by POSITIVE energy!!!

    I am loving the Olympics at home, Shen and Zhao made me tear up last night!!!

    love you guys!!!!