Saturday, February 27, 2010

Women's Wednesday and Triumphant Thursday

It was an amazing women's Wednesday at the Olympic games for Canada. Many of our strong female athletes took to the podium and made their country proud! We celebrated along with the rest of Canada, and were behind our athletes 100%.

The next day Joannie Rochette proved to be a champion with or without her Bronze medal, and it was one of the most touching moments throughout the 17 days. We then headed out to Livecity Yaletown to see Johnny Reid and meet up with some friends. We all headed to Earl's to catch up and it just so happened that the Swiss hockey team was there. And Kel got a photo with them! I was in the bathroom!! Damn! lol. If anyone meets Roman Wick from Switzerland please give him my number. haha

Every night at Livecity Yaletown there was a Laser Waterworks Show. It was pretty incredible and at times emotional. These Olympics were amazing and pulled at our heart-strings many times over. Enjoy!

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