Sunday, March 21, 2010

One inspires many...

Well, I'm on my own now out in BC (well without Katie anyway)...left to my own devices, can't sit still, gotta check stuff out...

My plan for the Paralympic Opening Ceremonies was to watch them from a pavillion downtown after going on the zipline. Well, instead of doing that, I listened to the woman on the bus, made myself a little sign,
held it up and said with a big smile on my face, "Anybody have an extra ticket?" It took me less than a minute to find a ticket for the right price!

'One inspires many' is the motto for the Paralympic Games and I believe it is true. It alwasy starts with one person, one thought, one dream or vision, one action and then somewhere it becomes something great. It would have been tres cool if Katie had been able to stay out here! Then again, I wouldn't have gotten the ticket I did if there were two of us....I guess it's all perfect the way it is!

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