Monday, March 22, 2010

Won't You Be My 'Neighbour'...and ride the ZipLine With Me?

Being as I've been a weekend warrior because the transit is so cheap then, I decided that I would check out a Wheelchair Curling event during the Paralympic Games. The place was only half full so I got to stand when I wanted and was really pretty darn comfy.

Katie, I was alright as far as commentating went...Robin, who MC's the World Cup series sat next to me and kept me up to speed the entire time. He even told me who everyone was and what they were like and pretty much anything and everything he could to keep talking to me. He was cheering for Switzerland and was rooting for Norway to win against Canada. I'm still trying to figure that one out! There was no doubt in my mind Canada had the game!

Mr. Rogers came about when Darryl Neighbour made a good play and the gentleman next to me stood up and yelled out "Won't you be my neighbour?!" It was a classic moment, kind of like amazing punch lines that occur in the moment. But it was a tight game and it came down to Canada's last rock that blocked out Norways final curl. The energy was awesome!

Although I don't remember what I did directly after curling, I know I ended up in line at the Zip Line at Robson Square. It was worth the wait! Especially when I coaxed Alexi from Montreal into staying in line and doing it with me! So much more fun when you do things with other people, even if you've only just met them in line!

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