Friday, February 4, 2011

A Bimini Style 28th Birthday

Typically Katie and I create each other's birthday videos...that was not possible so fortunate for me I had little to do with the camera on the evening of my birthday. Well I'm still not sure if it was fortunate or not! lol. It was fun though!

In the words of the country music..."Some days you gotta dance, give it up when you get the chance, when the world doesn't make no sense and you're feelin' just a little too tense, you gotta loosen up those chains and daaance!" So I did...but only after spending a ridiculously amazing day snorkelling in Honeymoon Harbour.

I cannot tell you how majestic this day felt especially when two beautiful creatures decided to 'fly' through and say hello! Ah magic! And it doesn't hurt to know how to spear and clean a lobster either! Yum :)

Happy Birthday To Meeeee!!!
Thanks Drew, Ty, JC, Dimagio, Navaro.... :)

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