Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bimini or Bust!

It would be difficult to start this post without first acknowledging that it's very weird having gone on vacation without Katie. And then to write some posts seems very out of place as well, but Bimini is just too beautiful and too fun to keep inside any longer.

This beautiful island in the Bahamas is well...beautiful. Not too toursity, not too quiet, just the right amount of sun and sand and adventures to partake in. It's known for it's fishing so it's no surprise that its very seasonal. It was a great place to spend Christmas.

I will admit, it was sometimes a challenge staying with 5 guys/men...masculine I have a new appreciation for women with boys. It's all about food, killing stuff and burning stuff...and making noise. Overall it was great fun though.

The first week was like the warm-up... a bit of snorkelling, some karaoke and a night out on Christmas Eve.

And on a Christmas Day snorkelling venture I ran into a little friend I have been waiting to see since Australia!!!! Duuuuude! It made my holiday...until my birthday of course!

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