Saturday, September 11, 2010

Kelly Coordinated a Conference... :) Part 1

I know I know, Katie's posts are so exciting! I'm a little envious that she's in Australia at the moment and I'm elsewhere.... I do love Vancouver though. And speaking of, during our little hiatus, I was up to a lot of things! Namely organizing and coordinating a 3 day conference for the International Experiential Dynamic Therapies Association with my friend Diane. It was awesome! I got to put my gifts of organization and service to use and used the opportunity to really see if event planning was something I was interested in persuing.

I had an absolute blast meeting all the delegates from all over Europe and the US and Canada, not to mention enjoying the beautiful area at UBC where it was all held. And I'm so happy Diane and I were able to be on the same page for this event because we sure as hell brought the fun! At one point nearly everyone... yes everyone, was on the dance floor dancing at our Gala. My fav though was little Rose Point, the Native elder who did our blessing for the dinner. Total sweatheart and what a sparkplug she is! 80 and hasn't got a slow bone in her body!

I'm looking back at that experience and saying, "Haha, I organized and ran a conference! How flippin' cool is that!?! I DID IT!" Ya I'll give my ego a little boost there! I deserve it! lol.

Thank you all of you amazing beings who entered my life for those three days and lit up my life in unexpected ways. I love you all!

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