Monday, September 13, 2010

Kelly Coordinated a Conference... :) Part 2

After the 3 day conference was over we took 57 of those delegates up to Legends in Whistler Creekside for a more intensive 5 day ISTDP (Intensive Short Term Dynamic Therapy Program) session. Oh my, how I fell in love with Whistler. Well maybe not so much Whistler itself, but definitely the landscape and the cool fresh air.

Thank goodness for Michele, who organized this event with the exception of the catering and transportation, which I did, and the activities (trying my hand at activities coordinator too!)because my brain was toast after those three days at UBC. I welcomed the quiet time and cherished the 'Free Day' when we got to do whatever we wanted!

I helped to organize some activities where possible and the one I did was Ziptreking! It was great! One thing I realized was that while everyone else's adrenaline began to pump, mine actually slowed down. Ya, it was exhilerating to fly on a cable across the river, but there was something about it that relaxed me. Perhaps the scenery, the ability to let go of control or maybe it was just that I was out in nature for the first time in weeks! Who knows, but I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to go with!

That day definitely opened the group up and allowed everyone to let loose a bit after being cooped up in seminar rooms for 5 days! And I think it even cracked them far enough open to bring in some amazing creativity for the Karaoke night the next evening. Now that's what I call entertainment.... lol.

"Get up get up you scum sucking pig...." Oh Josette...I'm not sure anyone can say that quite like you :)

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