Friday, September 10, 2010

Melbourne MAGIC!

It's been about a week since I've been in Oz. The whole time hanging out in Melbourne. Loving this city by the way! It is magical! So many great people and energy! Always something to do or see. Last week was fashion week so I caught some free fashion shows, which was awesome! D and I saw a crazy one with a very vibrant drag queen. It was fun! lol.

I've been to some museums. Waiting for a day when D is free so we can go to the Tim Burton exhibit!!!! Oh I can't friggin wait! I went and saw a free exhibit at the same place the other day and it looked amazing! haha
Anyways, I ride the City Circle tram everyday for free and it's awesome! Goes all the way around the city and I can walk from anywhere. Everything is close and it's easy to find your way around here. I love it!

What else,...met up with John, Giovanni, a couple times. Got a hot chocolate the other day for $4.40 Aus and it was the size of a small timmies at home. But John explained to me that this was normal. The city is relatively expensive but people get paid well so it doesn't seem so bad. SO I think an income would probably benefit me. lol.

The only thing I don't really like about this city is that there are a lot of smokers. But I guess I can deal since it's not in buildings or anything. Other than that it's pretty sweet. Planning to stay here for the rest of the month if I can find something to occupy my time, while making money. :) Fingers crossed.

Also planning to krew the MMI here on the 17, 18, 19, but I haven't received a reply so I am probably going to write again and manifest like crazy! And hopefully if everything works out, which it will, I will be going to New Zealand and FIJI with John in Oct/Nov. EEK!!! I hope so!

Anywho! I will update you all again soon. Hoping it gets warmer here so I will want to be outside a LOT more than I already am. lol. Those who know me well, know how I feel about the cold. GAH!

Next on the list..Great Ocean Road with D and Jay and visits with Karen, Jenna, and Allison. :)

love to you all,

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