Monday, April 16, 2012

Bimini Once Again

Yep, Bimini has become an annual trip it seems. And I got the chance to go this year which was awesome! I met some of the people Kel and Dad got to know last year, and I'm pretty sure we did a lot of the same things as well...snorkeled Three Sisters Reef and Honeymoon Harbour, which was gorgeous! Had a lobster feast on the beach, attended Junkanoo!, watched the fireworks on New Years, and of course enjoyed the many amazing sunsets that only Bimini has. We also went on a dolphin excursion, and Dad went scuba diving in some new places he hadn't been before. We went swimming with the sharks, which was amazing! And definitely had some fun nights out, lots of dancing!!

We saw an octopus!!

This trip we rented a cottage right on the beach, so we saw almost every sunset. And it was closer to town, which was perfect because we could just walk wherever we wanted to go and could hear where all the action was. We also had access to a golf cart, which we took full advantage of, and toured around the north island. The brakes didn't work too well, but we managed. lol. 

Besides hanging out with some old friends, Ben, Justin, and Tyler from Canada,....and Norbert and Ashley who live in the Dolphin House,..we made some new friends as well. Hilza and Debbie, we met these two crazy women while watching the sunset. They were drinking wine and chatting up a storm! They were loads of fun and even brought us a Canadian flag that Hilza's husband found on the water, very nice! We also met Captain Jack, from the dolphin tour we did. He's a really nice local guy, and we got to drink with him while out one night. We met Jesse that night too, a guy from Florida who charters fishing boats. He gave us some Wahoo, a type of fish. We took it to Sherri and she cooked it up for us, along with some conch. It was delicious!!! She's the best, and the sweetest person ever! Pretty much everyone you meet in Bimini is great. lol.

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