Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Together Again!

Finally! Once I got back from Oz, it wasn't long til Kel and I hit the road again on another trip. It felt really good to be back at it. Was kind of like we had never left and just picked up where we left off. But we really did miss it. Was tempting to just do the whole east coast. lol. But that will have to wait. This trip we headed to Quebec City and Montreal. Started in old Quebec, browsed the markets, enjoyed the street performances and ate beaver tails! Yum! Nutella banana and apple cinnamon!


The next day we hit up Montmorency Falls. It is just outside the city, so if ever in Quebec be sure to make the trek out there.  Really beautiful views and the waterfall is quite amazing as well. The walk up is a hike, there are about 15 flights of stairs, but you can take breaks and it actually gives a really nice view. After that we headed to Ile d'Orleans. It is just a cute little island on the other side of the falls. There are little shops and such, very country-like.

Montreal was next, and I was most looking forward to it. Kel had toured around before, but it was my first time so I was really excited, especially to see Old Montreal and Chateau Frontenac. We got a place at this really neat B&B. Right in old Montreal. It was old and cottage-like, and everyone was super nice. I loved it! (Too bad Kelly's eyes are closed in this picture. hah!)

We hit up the shops in Old Montreal. Such awesome architecture and I loved the old buildings, the cobblestone streets and all the flowers and greenery. Was really beautiful! I appreciated the detail and the artsy vibe of the place. We then got some lunch and happened to stumble upon a cycling event. Not sure what it was exactly but we watched that while we ate, then walked along the water towards Chateau Frontenac...and it honestly is a gorgeous building.

Before our trip was over we had to get some poutine, and we heard La Banquise was the best. So so good!! Real gravy, actual cheese curds, and savory fries. mmm. They have flavours for everyone, with over 20 different poutine variations on the menu. Definitely didn't disappoint!

To end the trip, Kelly decided to spontaneously get a tattoo! lol. Well, she had been seriously considering it for a couple months. But I guess after we walked by this tattoo shop for the second time she thought now was the time. I'm not sure if it was because I was with her, but for some reason she got the courage. There were some tears and some painful faces at times, but she did good. Didn't pass out and that's always a plus! haha :) The end result was a tiny little heart on her inner arm, near her wrist. Very cute!

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