Sunday, April 8, 2012

My Week in Taiwan

Oh what fun it was! Only a week, but it was well worth it...
My old roommate from Brock, Denise, was teaching in Hsinchu
, and it had been so long since I'd seen her, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to go. Of course I was a little nervous because I knew I would not be able to communicate with anyone, but thankfully her boyfriend, JP, picked me up from the airport and helped me back to their place. Well, he had a scooter and I had a huge suitcase so riding with him was not realistic. He put me in a cab and sent me on my way.

Culture shock sort of set in after that, when the cabbie hinted that he didn't know where he was going and I was trying to speak mixed English, while giving incorrect sign language to him. That was how it was the rest of my time there, but thankfully I had Denise and JP with me from then on

The rest of the week we just ventured around Hsinchu, Taipei, and some places I can't even remember. lol. Went to a market, which was hard to take. Some of the food vendors had really bad smelling food, and they weren't the most appealing to look at either. But clothes and accessories are so cheap it's hard not to buy! We had a night out in Taipei, which was sooo much fun! We all dressed up in jungle attire, then went skating and out to a club. Another day went to a watering hole, and chilled out at some natural hot springs in a beautiful little town. The hot springs are actually the best hangover cure. The hot water feels so good!

All in all, Taiwan was such a great trip! I'm so happy I went, and I had the best time there! Thanks to Denise and JP for a place to stay and being my tour guides! :)

Taiwan beer on arrival. Was pretty good!

Scooting around Hsinchu, the most popular form of transportation.

Hsinchu City.

Sporting some Hsinchu fashion.

I love the lanterns!!!

Skating in my jungle attire!
The little asian girls seemed to like our outfits. lol

Partying at LUXY! Who wants a picture!?

Spending the day at the watering hole.

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