Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Calgary Millionaire Mind Intensive

Where do I start with such an eventful weekend?

First of all, the drive out to Calgary was absolutely beautiful. It didn't matter that we had already been on that stretch of road twice, it looked completely new and astonishing all over again. Katie slept for pretty much the entire first half of the drive until I pulled over for some food at the historical "Last Spike" monument. It's literally the place where they drilled the last spike into the railway that connected the entirety of Canada. I remember learning about it in history class at some point in my educational career, but to actually be there and think that over 100years ago, trains were first coming to life. It was very cool for me at least...that historian being awed by the smallest of historical snippets.

Once we got into Calgary we were reunited with Gregory. We headed out to Brewster's, the local brewery for some dins and drinks. In my opinion this brewery was my least favourite, but it was still good, just not great! After catching up after a whole 2 weeks of being away from eachother we pretty much passed out and got lots of sleep to be ready for the long weekend ahead!

The Millionaire Mind Intensive is a course that Katie and I have both done. This was my second time volunteering at it and Katie's first. To be honest, words will not be able to explain what this experience was...still. Greg asked us to explain it to him and we couldn't really even do that because it's an 'experience' not something you just go to or do. What you learn and how you grow over the course of that weekend is unbelievable until you actually experience it for yourself.

But being on the other side of it, helping to run the event, rather than participate, afforded us a different perspective. We learned a lot about ourselves as leaders and as followers. We had rock star volunteers on our Karma Krew and we just gelled! us at least...went really well! Howard said it best, "When you're doing something that is in line with your purpose, it is effortless and your natural talents and skills just do the work for you." Or something like that :) But it was soooo true. Katie and I were doing something in line with our purpose, whether that was just 'being' whoever, whatever, wherever we needed to be or whether there was something we haven't quite become aware of, it felt right and it felt goooood!

At the end of the day, it wasn't about how good we felt, but how good we made everyone else feel. 300+ people's lives have been forever shifted into a new energy because of our little team of peeps. It is unreal what small groups of people can accomplish for a something greater than themselves...what one person's idea has done for millions of people.

What can you do for just one person? How can you help shift someone's energy from down in the dumps to closer to the clouds?

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