Saturday, May 16, 2009

Earl's Birthday

Earl's birthday was the day after mine, April 24. Michael, Kelly and I filled his bedroom with balloons, 100 at least! It was wonderful! lol. And Michael seemed to be happy that his plan worked. Although Earl was suspicious because he saw a balloon in his window on the walk home, he didn't expect so many! We also wrote little message in some of them so he had to find the ones that had them because it told him where his present was! lol. It was quite funny watching him find them!
After the balloon incident Kel, Earl and I went to Central park and played some frisbee. Earl, an ultimate frisbee player tried to teach us some tricks which we failed at, but it was fun none the less. I AM getting better. I have shown remarkable improvement in my 'skills' since the last time someone got suckered into playing frisbee with me. We later headed to Boston Pizza for some bday dinner. FYI don't go to BP for your bday. They don't sing, or clap, or even celebrate customer bdays there. Not even a free cake or brownie..or ice cream! Although WE know, from inside sources, that you are supposed to do that!

But bowling made up for all that! We ended the night with some friendly competition and rocked out to 80's rock music at Rock n' Bowl! Bowling never disappoints! Apparently neither do I when I attempt to bowl with out bowling shoes and forget I can't slide, therefore landing square on my knees with everyone watching...or at least just Katie who nearly peed her pants laughing at me.

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