Sunday, May 17, 2009

Side Trip To Seattle

Seattle, again! The main purpose for our trip to Seattle was to pick up my one shoe that I left there, lol, and to pick up my computer that Miss Chantelle Tibbs got for me! So we made a weekend of it. It just felt right. Trust your gut and it will all work out...always does!

The first day we got there we went to see the Troll under the bridge. lol. Now, when someone tells you there's a troll under a bridge your mind sort of wonders. I heard a story once of a troll that lived under a bridge and would come out and take you and you'd disappear forever. So ya, wasn't sure what to expect. I really shouldn't have watched Tales From the Crypt Keeper when I was younger....I envisioned this big ogar like man with a toll booth and a very large cane charging people to view him and his home. I'm not sure why I thought it was a real live being, but I've been surpised before. But anyways, it's actually a huge clay/cement sculpture of a troll holding a VW Bug. It's cool! And apparantly a very popular tourist attraction.

After meeting with the troll we headed to Jessica's again. Not easily may I add. We had a little trouble finding the place, but thanks to RedHook we figured it out pretty quickly after that. The term Lost On Purpose is resonating with me a little more frequently. At first it was a quirky title for our blog, but the more I venture around, the more I realize that I intentionally try to find my way around with out maps and such. There's a BIG lesson in that one! Although it does confirm that trusting your gut does get you where you need to be....eventually. Without having any plans upon arrival we made some real quick. Michael, who we house sat for the last time we were in Seattle, was making dinner. We wanted to visit the animals again, and he invited us over to eat! It was delicious! Kel and I ended up playing Candy Land, Barbie Fashion Show computer game, and American Idol karaoke, again! Olivia, Michael's daughter had lots of fun stuff for us to do! And I think she was happy to have someone to hang out with.

The next day we headed to Pike's Place Market. VERY COOL!!! If ever in Seattle it's a must! Lots of interesting people! And when you're there be sure to see the 'fish throwers'. Mar, if it weren't for Buzek and that Fortune 500 video of Pike's Place I would have never known! It's way cooler seeing it live rather than on the video in the office!

We were hoping to do the underground city tour but unfortunatley they only took cash. And Kel and I didn't have any American money on us. And we weren't gonna be charged $10 to take some out. So hopefully we'll do that some other time! After that we just sort of walked around and toured the city. I love Seattle. Especially the area near Pike's Place and the harbour. A lot of the buildings are original and beautiful. And Seattle is actually very well kept. It was nice to be in a clean city!

Our drive back to Vancouver was much quicker than the drive there and we had some eye candy along the way. A truck with 4 surfers played the passing game with us for a long time. And then we parted ways. We took a quick drive through the city through Kitsalano and then Stanley Park, mostly so Katie could get a quick peek of it and a feel for what's going on in Van. Very good weekend indeed!

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  1. Apparently you were topic for conversation the next day at the Bagby house - Olivia was bamboozled that you girls had never had salmon before - she thought that was different...LOL. Though, when I think back - you had salmon the first night in Seattle at the Red Hook - in the artichoke dip...yummy. I miss you girls. I love you heaps and heaps. House sitting again this weekend.. Belle misses you Katie..