Sunday, May 24, 2009

Random Things We Forgot to Tell You...Part 1

You can expect to get a few of these over the course of our trip as sometimes, we just forget to write about stuff. It sounds a little like this, "We should write about...!" or "We forgot to write about...!" So here's the stuff, the little random tidbits, we forgot to tell you!

This goes way back to Denver...
So at home after a good night on the town, you're usually looking for something to eat to kill those spins you're already dreading when you get into bed. There's usually street meat (hot dogs) or pizza or something closeby. Well in Colorado it was different.

We got out of the bar and there was a guy holding a cooler. He asked me something that I couldn't understand and I thought he was prolly just weird or something, so I said no. Then he asks Aaron...and this time I heard, he asked if he wanted a wrap. What?! lol. Apparently these guys make wraps at home and then bring a cooler full and stand outside the bars at night and sell them for like a buck or two. He got tons of business and they weren't too bad! I just thought it was so random...And I don't recall seeing anyone with a cooler, I just remember a wrap appearing out of nowhere in Aaron's hands.

Another thing they do in Colorado that I thought was odd was instead of asking for the bill at the end of a meal they call it a ticket. So if you're in CO and out to eat and they ask you if you want the ticket just say yes...or no, but that prolly won't turn out well.

And then in California...
Katie, Levi and I stopped off at a small store outside of Santa Cruz. As I was walking into the bakery to grab some bread two guys that I said hello to asked if they could hitch a ride with us up the coast for 5 mins. I thought about it and said, "If you don't mind being completely squished...sure!" I saw Kelly walking to the car with a big smile on her face and knew something was up. And then I was thinking how the hell are we all gonna fit!?!

So for 5-10 min there was me, Katie, Levi and the other two guys (names I don't remember... maybe Mike and Adam?) and a giant backpack in the car. On top of our roof bag was another backpack. I don't know how we did it, but it worked.

San Francisco...
We were going for a walk with Keith and Mari and walked past a lady walking her dog. He came up to us looking for some attention, but we just kept walking. Apparently this was a big thing, he's a fairly anti-social dog because of his previous owners so when he approaches people, his new owner asks them to pet him. We got asked to pet a dog for a change! Usually it's the other way around.

He was a sweet dog and he even did tricks. If you said ''paw'' he would shake a paw. lol. So the lady was like ''Put out your hand and say P-A-W.'' Now, I didn't realize she was doing the whole i'm-spelling-paw-right-now-so-he-doesn't-hear-it-and-get-excited thing. So I bent down, put out my hand and said ''P-A-W!'' I friggin spelt paw!! LOL I am peeing my pants laughing right now! Then everyone started laughing and the lady was like '' have to actually say it.'' haha Needless to say I felt like an ass cuz I just spelled out the word paw to a dog to get a shake from him. That was a very ditzy moment! haha P-A-W

Another thing about San Fran is that there is little to no chain fast food joints in the city. It's all little privately owned cafes and restaurants. The closest Wendy's was 7 miles away I think...I looked it up! I wanted a Frosty! But that is actually a blessing because it opens up your palatte to new things. Now instead of us craving McD's or Wendy's we usually crave mexican food...greasy tacos! Can you say 'El Mattate'? mmmm...

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