Saturday, May 30, 2009

EPIC Event for an Epic Adventure?

It's always great meeting up with family when you're nowhere near 'home'. We met up with our cousin Kevin on Saturday night, after hiking, in downtown Vancouver. While waiting for him on Robson Street, we were sure we were witnessing some escort service going down next to us. lol. You never know what you're going to see...

We headed down Robson to Earl's which is a very modern, cool place. Kinda like Moxie's back home. Martini's and beers and some damn good food. Mmm, I can still remember how good that steak was. Perfection... :) But beside the was great to hang out and catch up with family when you're least expecting it. And it was great to watch the hockey game! We have no TV where we are and we were a little lost on the standings. Unfortunatley Vancouver lost that night, but it was fun being around some Canuck fans, they're pretty hardcore!

Kevin was in town for the EPIC event at the convention centre in Vancouver. It's basically a consumer show for products that are 'green' or eco-friendly. Kevin's product is Kiju. It's an organic juice and its sooooooooooo good!!! I wish we had juice boxes like this when we were kids! They're actually realllllly good!

After dinner with Kevin we walked over to Granville St to grab a pint with an old friend of mine, Megan. Well she's not old, but I swear we've known each other for centuries! It was nice catching up and seeing what was new and exciting in her life! Can't wait to get together again. PS. How's the book?

So on Sunday we headed to the event. (Thx for the tix Kev! We loved it) We sampled lots of food, juice, watched a fashion show and even got our hair straightened and curled! lol. It was a random day. Send positive energy for us because we entered to win lots of stuff...a GPS (that might come in handy!), $10,000 from Toyota (that might come in handy too!) and a car full of 'green' products from who I cannot remember. Fingers crossed. They had so much cool stuff at that show. Gave us lots of ideas too!

Kevin sent us off with some souvenier juiceboxes...lots of them. They'd be great for camping, which we were going to use them for, but we drank them all already! They're just too good!

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