Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hey YooHoo!

Katie and I have been logging a lot of hours on our blog and doing creative endeavours. Apparently that book I was going to write next year wanted to be started now! But as a result of all this work, we needed a night out, so we geared up and headed to Granville Street.

It's hard to find a place to party when you're not from the city. We knew we didn't want to dance, which ruled out half of the bars on the street, but to find a pub that had a little action was also a bit of a task. We picked up a traveller on the way. His name was Tino, from Germany, and he was in the same boat as us. A german named Tino....yes I thought it was quite strange. lol

We ended up going to Lennox to grab a beer and then figure out a game plan. A guy that I started chatting with from Nova Scotia decided to make the plan for us. He offered to buy us some drinks so we graciously recieved the offer and what started off as one beer turned into many beautifully combined with an assortment of shots and Redbull.

On our way home in the midst of a serious tree hugging session we met our new favourite yoohoo from New York.

Brian was a little wierded out by us. First we were hugging a tree, second we started talking to him. This is apparently unheard of in NY...people get defensive when you say hello there. Gee must be fun! lol. But we didn't scare him too much because he decided to join us on our search for food. After blocks of walking to finally find a sacred 7-11 we learned a heck of a lot about Brian. He's got a pretty cool story. Hopefully he'll write about it and we'll get to read about it someday. Hint hint...

Just remember to mention your two favourite Canadian yoohoos...you know you love us!

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