Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Adios Colorado!

So, after a crazy fun night out with the boys Kel and I drove down to Colorado Springs, about an hour south of Denver. Actually I just slept and it was well needed after the lack of sleep from the night before and, well, the reprocussions of drinking. Kel probably wasn't to happy but I have a tendency to pass out in moving vehicles...can't help it! Anyways, Colorado Springs, we stayed with our friend Paul and his family. His big family! Besides his wife Leslie and their 3 kids Bradie, Drake and Aiden, they have 4 dogs, a bird, and a rat. Yes, a pet rat named Mr. Whiskers. I had the joy of sleeping in the same room with him for our time there. He woke me up at 6 am every glad I have an ipod. The rat was pretty sweet tho! Not as gross when it's cleaned and groomed, and Bradie treats it like a cat or dog.

The first night there we got to do something we never did as kids, or ever actually. We went to CHUCKIE CHEESE!! Oh ya! We were slightly deprived. We lived very vicariously through our cousins! Did they ever go to Chuckie Cheese? LOL I think maybe we've done something they haven't!!!! haha It was interesting. The food really isn't that good, but who actually goes for the food?? The games are the best part! Bradie kicked serious b-utt on the car game, Drake was an awesome gambler of colours and Paul rocked the Jackpot on some other game...I on the other hand sucked! lol. I just had fun. But Kel and I now understand why our Mom and Dad never took us to Chuckie Cheese. It's insane! Talk about sensory stimulation, I didn't know where to go or where to start. One kid came up to me 4 times asking me if he could have my coins. I saw him hounding everyone else too. These coins were like life to him!

Saturday, February 14,..Valentine's Day, Paul woke us up with roses, chocolates and a pancake breakfast in bed. Shaped as hearts to top it off! That was an awesome way to start the day!! And of course, when you wake up with an awesome morning the rest of the day will be the same, and it was. We basically chilled out all afternoon playing Wii Sports and Wii Play. LOVE IT! I rocked Wii Play (uh me not so much... :( ... ), no biggie. Aiden, who is 2, KO's everyone in boxing. He's way too good for a 2 yr old. Later we all went to see Ink Heart. Very cool movie, go see it! And then the Garden of the Gods (Wikipedia), which is amazing. Pretty cool geological thing. Big red rocks sticking out of the ground all over the place. Makes for a pretty neat place to hang out at sunset because the colours on the rocks change as the sun sets. Something I saw in Australia...very cool to watch nature in its glory.

Sunday we got up pretty early (8am) lol as compared to 9am...and headed to the COG Railway to go up to Pike's Peak. Brilliant day, just too darn windy. We didn't get to go to the top because of it. The wind kept the track covered in snow even though they had snow ploughs we still couldn't go up to the top. The views from where we were at 13,000 ft were still phenomenal...above the treeline, nothing but sky and mountain. Katie left this open for me to fill in the details as I typically do so well, but just like her this time, I wasn't paying any attention!!!
After the COG Railway we headed to a BBQ restaurant for lunch. The food was literally smothered in BBQ sauce and was the messiest thing to eat, but sooo good! While waiting for our food Paul and his kids ate sugar packets, which Kel and I thought was weird. He thought we were weird for never eating one before. Whatever floats your boat I guess! They taught us how to shoot straw wrappers at one another, (just not in front of the waitress) and then Kelly and Paul proceeded to play hand football with the sugar packets and disturb the people around us. To end the meal we hung spoons off our noses! It was fun!

After lunch we hit up Cripple Creek to see the Ice Festival. They were very impressive and a lot bigger than I expected. But don't touch, or you get yelled at! Oops! Paul's brother lived close by so we went to his house and drove some 4-wheelers. The last time I drove a 4-wheeler I think I was maybe 9 years old, on my grandma's farm, and had never rode before. Needless to say I almost crashed and didn't know how to stop. My cousin Kenny failed to tell me that part. So, I was a little nervous. All went well tho and it was alot easier than I remembered. Kelly was a wild woman and gave'er like a pro, even getting some air on the hills. That night, our last night, the girls went and saw Twilight! We soon learned that Leslie shared our obsession and so it was inevitable that we see it again. There was no reason not to! And it was just as good, if not better than the first 2 times we saw it. lol. Bradie is now on the bandwagon and I couldn't be happier! haha. Ya and watching it a 3rd time proved to reveal some other things we hadn't quite noticed the previous 2 times....hehehe....(Look for Stephenie Meyer in the cafe, and Victoria in the prom scene when they first walk in).

The next morning, after changing the oil, updating our playlist and stocking up on food we were off to state #2, well the 2nd state we actually intended to spend time in... NEW MEXICO! We did sleep in Nebraska....not to get technical or

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