Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"...we'll open up a restaurant in Santa Fe..."

The drive down to New Mexico was beautiful! The Rockies to the left...oh wait, I mean WEST... slowly began to fade into plains and random outcroppings. I think since being a kid and going to Florida I always thought that the southern states just had to be warm....I guess I had no concept of elevation back then. New Mexico is pretty chilly.....and windy. Lots of tumbleweeds! I got to see my tumbleweeds! I didn't actually think they blew across the road in front of your car, but they do! We decided to skip Taos and apparently Santa Fe on the way down. Katie drove the first half and me the last hour or so. I guess that doesn't really make it half. lol. Apparently we didn't communicate very well! But we got to Mark's, in Albuquerque, just in time for an amazing sunset.

We chatted with Mark and met his girlfriend Bonnie, his 2 dogs Katie (she had a liking towards me, I think it was the name) and Wasabe, and their cat Kayla. Mark cooked us an amazing meal (he's a great cook) while the girls chatted, ate cheese and drank wine. Dinner was delicious! After a great meal and great conversation we called it a night. Bonnie got us talking about Warrior...no details were shared, but I think she got a good gist of how lives can change so dramatically based on our experience. The next day we ventured to Santa Fe. Didn't see too much. It was so cold and windy, and half the shops were closed. And the one shop we went there to check out was closed as well. It was a nice day trip none the less and we got to see the city. When we got back to Mark's we pretty much chilled out, wrote on the blog and relaxed. Albuquerque is great for that! We had another amazing dinner and ended the night watching Wayne Dyer's movie 'Ambition to Meaning'. Well I did, Kel fell asleep. It's a cool movie, very interesting! Thanks to Mark and Bonnie for letting us hang out and relax! And for the books! Mark; no need to worry about what to write when you're at book signings... so far you've done awesome! Stacey and Grant loved the gift.

We hope to see you guys soon, maybe on the East Coast, at one of P. Diddy's shindigs?? Save us a seat in the 'special' limo! lol.

Mark's book is Habitually Great: Mastering the Law of Right Action

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