Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Colorado...Land of Mountains and Beer...

Colorado...what a place. It's been two weeks since we first arrived there so I'm working from memory now. Something I don't intend to do for the rest of the states we enter! I do however, remember seeing the mountains and the front range and thinking, "Gosh, this feels like home!"

We set up a 'base camp' in Fort Collins at our friend Ben's place. Fort Collins is a pretty cool place. It's a college town so there's always lots going on plus it's just at the foothills of the Rockies so there's lots of outdoors stuff to do. Ben's big into mountain biking so he hits up the trails quite often. He's also a real estate agent and really good at giving people tours of Fort Collins...lucky for us! We headed up to the foothills to catch a glimpse of Horseshoe Resevoir (I think) and then an aerial view of the city on the other side. It was a gorgeous day so everything was amazing! Ben's really passionate about what he does and is involved in a lot of projects. One is a new development of energy efficient and eco-friendly homes. They're all pretty unique too. They call one the Beetlejuice house because of it's lines and angles while others look like they belong in New Mexico or San Francisco. Some people are already living in the neighbourhood and are planning organic gardens for the spring and lots of forward thinking projects. It's pretty awesome! And shout out to Ben's roomate Mike who was really interested in Canada, and appreciated our little quirks and sayings like TPT,PTP, and mish mush! haha.

Katie and I, being the Canadian girls we are, like a good beer and of course Fort Collins has not one, but two microbreweries! We went to O'Dells the first night we were there and we sampled like, 15 different beers! I don't remember having an adverse reaction to any of them, but some were quite nice. I was surprised that I enjoyed some of the darker beers. One sorta tasted like chocolate! The other brewery is called New Belgium. After touring Old Downtown Ft. Collins last week we drove around to 'see' if we could find it. For whatever reason I have a good sense of direction and memory and we found it alright! Tried 8 beers there. They were all pretty good, but our palettes noticed some very different tastes. The one beer was called Sunshine. It smelt like perfume and tasted really fruity or floral. Good for the summer with a light meal we would say.It actually smells way better than it tastes. I would prefer to wear the Sunshine beer than drink it. Then there was Mothership Wit. The description said something about floral and spicy; a mix of sweet and sour. Katie and I both agreed the aftertaste was similar to the aftertaste of a hot dog. Yeah, a beer that tasted like a hot dog. Mmm. lol. It was more of a meal than anything. A good mix of sweet and sour? I don't know... Best part of it all was that it was all free! We are money magnets!!!! We also met a local guy named Brent who looked like he just came out of the bush, hairy and rugged, but in a good way. But most Colorado men look that way, and we like it! lol. After finding out that we were Canadian he continued to tell us about a crazy woman in the Yukon that he met and how there's a whole bunch of loonies up there. So, I'm pretty stoked to meet some interesting characters and tell you all about them later! Sadly, Brent left us as we were just getting started. I don't doubt that with a little more time we would have became great friends with him. We picked up a six pack of 'Mighty Arrow' and headed on our way.

The night after New Belgium we all headed to the Sundance to meet up with our friend Ricky. The Sundance is the equivalent to nothing really that we know of! It's a huge country bar where people actually know how to dance country swing! If you're just dancing to dance watch out because chances are you're going to get knocked out by someone flipping, dipping or twirling their partner! Neither of us had ever country swing danced was ALOT of fun! Ricky did an awesome job of bringing Katie and I up to speed! Flipped, dipped and twirled...hard to go back to normal dancing after that! Definitely required a lot of trust, but after a few 25 cent beers, You heard right, 25 cents!, trust isn't really an issue on the dance floor! Plus, once you've been flipped once, the rest don't even phase you! For some reason we had CANADA tattooed on our foreheads, because it felt like everyone in the bar was looking at us like we were out of sorts. I felt quite at home actually. Some guys even came up to us and aked if we were Canadian, Beau and Geoff. Wouldn't stop saying 'EH' after every sentence...ya, like we've never heard that before! They were good peeps though and we celebrated Geoff's birthday with shots of none other than Sicilian Kiss. Love that SoCo, it's tradition. After the bar, we went back to Ben's and made some grilled cheese sandwiches and listened to Katie confess her love to Ben's cat Tony. Tony's a man's man. I believe if he were a man we would be together...or at least great friends. He's no ordinary cat!

Our last night in Ft. Collins we spent out with one of my Wizard friends, Ronda. We went to a little place called Cafe Vino and had wicked awesome tappas and wine! You at home would be impressed with the expansion of my palatte which now includes dates, huevos rancheros (mexican breakfast of eggs, tortillas and chile sauce), hamburgers (only from Smashburger...which I will elaborate on)...oh ya and meatball sandwiches from this wicked little placed called The Little Italian Kitchen. Ben's good friends with the owner so we got a little sample of that and some of her awesome apple bread which of course, I forget the name of!

So ya, in there we went snowboarding, but we'll post that separately. It deserves it's own post! Fort Collins is a pretty cool place! Or at least I liked it a lot! Katie is ready for the beach! I so am!

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