Saturday, February 28, 2009

A to Z here we come!

Route 66 or I-40? We really couldn't decide which road to take. Historic Route 66 looked so fun except that it's not really intact anymore. We found that out the hard way after driving for 15mins on some sketchball back road that had a sign posted as Route 66. It was a friggin' washboard! But we had fun none the less. I wanted to drive on Route 66, but I didn't think it was gonna be as horrible as it was. There's not much to enjoy when you're bouncing out of your seat. lol. We linked back up with the I-40 and just headed West. We did end up stopping a few of the 'attractions' that were listed on our Route 66 map. Like the giant Jack Rabbit! LOL...pulled off the highway just to get a pick of us on it! LOL. We did see some Ontario folk on the road. We honked and waved excitedly, but I really don't know whether they understood our 'hello' or thought we were in distress!

Like any other drive we've done, it seemed to take forever because we were excited to get to the destination. Between New Mexico and Phoenix we went from cold desert to snowy mountains to hot desert and cacti. Wierd, but that's elevation for you! You can have summer or winter this time of year, it's just a matter of 2 hours driving! Thankfully we had the most randomly perfect playlist to pass the time....some Moulin Rouge and whatever random radio station we could get...and New Kids. I'm not sure, but I think we've heard Ne-yo 'Mad' like at least twice a day. It's growing on us. LOL...Ya, it's stuck in our heads everyday! I swear we're singing it ALL THE TIME!

We were so excited to get to Phoenix! And then we drove, and drove some more...and some more and FINALLY made it Queen Creek way out in BFI and after cruising the street a few times we finally found Grant and Stacey's place! After like 9 hours in a car with each other we were excited to get out and interact with other people!!! Warriors reunite! Sweeeeeeet! A-HO A-HO A-HO!! :)

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