Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Key to tha Stone... that's code for Keystone

One of the things on my bucket list was to learn to snowboard and to be quite honest one of the only things I was really jonesin' to do. My patience paid off and Ben took us to Keystone resort and hooked us up for snowboarding. Katie had been once before so she didn't need much of a lesson. Props to Megan Newman! :) Myself on the other hand was in for a bit of a learning curve. I watched Katie and thought to myself, "Shit, if she can do it, I've gotta be able to do it." It's not too bad once you get the hang of it, I just can't go fast because I lose all control!

I spent a good majority of the day on my ass catching my breath and giving my right leg a break! I thought I was normal footed, but apparently I'm goofy footed and I lead with my right! I don't know if I'll ever get it right. I feel like I do every sport differently!!! I like to keep it interesting! LOL. The bunny hill had my name all over it. Then there were the chair lifts. I had visions of when I first skiied in Gr. 8 and bailed every time I got off the lift. Damn skis! It took a few times to get the hang of, but it's all about adjusting and when you can be flexible and adjust, it's smooth riding...well sort of...

Ben was a very patient teacher and successful one at that. He had me linking turns and everything. If you want to read more about my 'life lessons' from snowboarding just check out my blog. My detailed/analytical self wrote all about it!

At the end of the day, snowboarding all the way down the hill was the biggest challenge. I fell, ALOT. And Kelly later told me she was considering walking down! lol. (I really don't think Katie was surprised considering I looked like death and kept threatening to barf!) I lost her and Ben and ended up on the other side of the mountain. Luckily I found my way back...

I must say that I'm pretty stoked to get on the hills again. I'm not sure when or where that may be, but it will happen! I've got some practicin' to do!

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