Saturday, February 28, 2009


Our first day in Arizona we spent most of the day hanging out with Stacey, running the kids to and from whatever activities they had that day. Logan is 6 so he was in school, then Ellie is 4 and Hutty is 3. The Bomsta kids are awesome! And hilarious! Logan is really smart and has a great imagination. He's also a bit of a lady's man...all the girls love him. Ellie is..ellie. lol. She's in her own world most of the time, singing and talking to herself,...or, well, her 'friends'. And she's definitely got a little 'tude. She mauls their dog Tessa, a chiuaua, who bites back. But Ellie is relentless and I guess is giving her love, her own weird way. lol. And lastly Hutton, a star wars freak! He is obsessed and will play, talk, breathe, eat, sleep star wars if he could. I don't think I've ever played as much Star Wars in my life as I did with him. It was fun tho! We took them to dance and sports. Then met up with Grant for lunch at a place called Joe's Farm Grill. It was really really good! Even the cheesecake! See, Katie and I don't eat cheesecake because everytime we've had it, it's been bitter, almost sour and we can't understand why anyone would like it. Now over here, or maybe just at this place, their cheesecake was actually sweet and amazing and sooooo damn good! Grant made fun of us for the rest of the afternoon, but only know what you know until you learn otherwise!

Now we are the Mullen girls; "catch our own worms, bait our own hooks, clean our own fish," (miss you Mrs. Staudt), and outdoors stuff sorta comes naturally to us, but I had to laugh when Grant and Stacey thought we were like hardcore outdoors girls! Hehe, I will say we learn quickly! And we're definitely open to trying new things! So, the next day Grant and Stacey took us rappeling which is basically working your way down a cliff by means of a rope and your own two hands! I'm not gonna lie, it's scary as hell at the top and during the start of the rappel, but once you get going and you become more familiar with the rock, your feet and how to work the rope it's awesome! By my last go I felt like a pro...well at least for my first time! It's a lot of fun! Something I'd definitely do again. It was awesome! I had a slightly slower start. lol. I was nervous. Really nervous. But I acted in spite of fear and Grant was a fantastic coach!! Thanks Grant!

After crusing down rock faces in the afternoon Stacey, Grant and Ravi (another Warrior friend) took us out for sushi....another new experience. It was good. They taste better than they smell and are definitely something I'd need to acquire a taste for. Agree! Grant's buddy Colby came along too. Colby's cool shit...the wasabe wonder! I really don't know how his body didn't burn from the inside out. LOL.

Of course we wanted some desert so we headed down Mill Ave and being the money magnets we are we found a frozen yogurt shop that was giving away FREE frozen yogurts! Dude! They had like every flavour. I got chocolate, white boy vanilla, cookies and cream and mint and then topped it with Oreo and something else I can't was awesome! All in all a great night. New experiences, free ice cream and our fellow tribe mates. Shout out to all Unstoppable Spirits' and Fierce Lightnings'!

Saturday, we all went hiking on Superstition Mountain. The whole family (Kel and I are extended family). It was hot! FINALLY!! Ah, I was so happy! I even got a sunburn! haha I've never been so happy to be burnt! And it's now a tan. Kel and I are still a little pasty, but soon we'll be tanned babes. The hike was really cool. We actually got to walk in the desert with the cacti. And to our surprise they're quite large up close. That night we went out for dinner and met Ravi for a movie. We saw 'He's Just Not That Into You'. We suggest you all see it. Both guys and gals! Lol, it really makes you wonder sometimes...

The rest of our time at the Bomsta's we just chillaxed and hung out. Watched some new movies and played with the kids. It was nice to slow down and take some time to breathe. And staying with our Warrior family made it easy to feel at home.

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