Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Aurora Boy-realis...Can Steven Segal handle it?

Although it would be nice to check Aurora Borealis off my bucket list, this Aurora experience was a enlightening in a very different way!

We had another chance to hang out with the Robbins boys, so it was perfect that we swung by their place in Aurora before heading out to Colorado Springs. Aurora is pretty much a suburb of Denver. Box stores and subdivisions..and not much else...but it was on this trip that we discovered SMASHBURGER!!! I trusted RJ when he said they had phenomenal burgers so I went for it. The BBQ, bacon and cheese...mmmmmm. Sooo good. I thought the mushroom melt was the best! and the IBC root beer. I don't know what they do with their food, but it was freakin amazing!

The rest of the afternoon was spent hanging out with Aaron, Josh and Haas (the dog) watching exceptionally great movies. LOL. BEST MOVIES EVER! haha, ya, not really....I didn't even know Steven Segal still acted, but based on his performance in 'Against the Dark' I would have to say his stunt days are pretty much over. Although there were some freaky parts, it was a good laugh! I actually quite liked it! Not the actual movie, but the fact that Steven Segal killed all the vampires with one wave of his machette. He's kick-ass in my books! Ps. if you're ever in the woods and hear a gun shot, be on the look out for 13 year old snipers, and run!..don't ask, just watch King of the Hill, the english version.

We had a wicked time at their place!! Dance parties, singing, drinking - chasing shots with syrup?? (Aaron's specialty)...these guys are so full of energy it is hard to leave for fear that you'll never have that much fun again!!!! Thanks for reminding us to losen up the reins boys! And thanks for expanding our playlist!

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