Friday, June 12, 2009

From Baked Lasagna to Black T-Shirts

Katie and I decided to head into the city for some lunch on Robson on Friday afternoon. The sun was shining, it was nice and warm, but no least in comparison to Ontario. We actually wore sleeveless tops out! Woohoo!

We went to a Greek restaurant past all the hype on Robson and ordered up the special of the day...baked lasagna. It was ginormous!!! We really should have split one! And of course it was amazing. We chatted lots about what we've been learning so far about ourselves, what kind of Warrior lessons have been appearing over the last few months, but most of all, how much fun we've been having. (We do intend to share with you the lessons we're learning, but we're still not sure how to articulate them to ourselves yet) 'Deep stuff' ya know! lol

So after lunch we mosied around on Robson and we knew that the Millionaire Mind Intensive event was going on downtown so we decided to pop in and say hello to our friends! We had no idea who would be working, but it's always nice to say hello anyway.

Well, we walked up the stairs and I've never seen someone so excited to see us as Andy was. Needless to say we got recruited to volunteer for the rest of the weekend and I know I'm glad we did! We had a friggin' blast, met so many amazing people and got to help light up people's lives. There's nothing sweeter than watching people see their potential and open up to the possibilities that await them. It was a perfect weekend.

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