Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Goin Goin Back Back to Cali Cali

After our relaxing few days in Oregon we pretty much booked it South to get to L.A...Back to California....ahh, how I love thee. I absolutely love California. And the week was none other than pure relaxation...again! lol. While Kelly was off at Extreme Wealth, I was hanging out with Christiana's mother Lois. We stayed with Chris, Lois and Jack and Lucy (the dogs) in Universal City.

The majority of my week was filled with reading....5 books in 4 days. The books were by Nora Roberts...a four book series, Captivated, Entranced, Charmed, and the last one Enchanted. So good!! And yes, I read that many books > to anyone who is reading this right now and thinking to themselves, 'Katie was reading? 5 books?'...lol. Anyways, it was lovely, and Lois couldn't have been better company. We had mini-reading parties, as I would like to call them, we also walked the dogs in the park, made our way to Universal City and made mushroom chowder together. And our Saturday night was filled with excitement! lol. We watched all 3 Cheetah Girls movies thanks to Disney Channel while enjoying a roaring fire. Yes, we had a fire. It was actually fairly chilly in L.A. while we were there. Ok, so not an extremely exciting night, but I enjoyed it none the less. Along with my new friend Lois, was Jack the dog. lol. He was adorable and I loved him. And he was more than willing to let me give him my love in the form of belly rubs and back scratches.

And I learned all about investing and played with my friends...that sounds like a 10 year old, but I really do have a tonne of fun every time I'm at an event! Learning about investing made fun? If they can keep my attention for 4 days on that topic, they must be doing something right.

But of course I had to create a little fun of my own...

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