Saturday, June 27, 2009

Boise Boise Boise

I fell asleep in Utah and woke up in Idaho. Strange...

We were driving to Boise in the rain to my friend Kelly's place. I met Kelly at Guerilla Business School in March. It's so easy to meet new people and make amazing friends! Especially when we share the same name. I mean, every Kelly I know is pretty damn cool. We got to Kelly's around dinner time and we were greeted by his dog Cocao...she's a cutie! We filled our bellies with AMAZING Mexican food and we were pretty much done after that! OMG, best Mexican food I've ever had! So delicious!

The next day we chilled most of the day with Emily, his girlfriend's daughter, until he got home. And then the adventure of Idaho began...

The guns weren't really scary, it was how comfortable I felt with them that scared me. I had a pretty good shot too, it felt quite natural! I had a better shot. Beat her everytime..sorry Kel, had to rub it in. I was pretty nervous about holding a gun let alone shooting one, but it was an awesome experience and I had a blast! I felt pretty fierce. I'm hardcore now. haha I'll just tell myself that!

We went for a drive to Warm Springs Mesa where we looked over the 'City of Trees' (Boise). It's wierd to think that you can look out over a city and see more trees than you can skyrises! Then we hit up Olive Garden for dinner. Oh baby...that was damn good!

Thanks again for everything Kelly! We made it to Wyoming no prob!

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