Friday, June 19, 2009

A Saturday in Portland

We went downtown Portland on Saturday to see some of the city and to check out the Saturday market. We came across a very cool man-made ski hill in an outdoor plaza, and it was definitely a great surprise! It was very hot so was least expected, but got to see a good show, and a good competition.

The actual market was pretty big and had lots of cool vendors and entertainment. There were also a lot of different artists, which I think a large portion of the people of Portland actually are. Portland definitely has a different vibe to it though. Can't quite put my finger on it yet. It's actually a little strange. There's a lot of punk-pop youth there. Sounds odd but there's no other way to describe it. lol...Anyways, I bought a hat, and we browsed all day, there were some amazing booths! And of course, we ended the afternoon with a beer at a local pub.

That night we hung out at Kathy's and had a delicious dinner which consisted of taco ingredients in the form of a lasagna. So good! And then hung out all night and talked. It was a good girl's night in!

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