Friday, June 26, 2009

Utah Yeehaw!

After leaving Las Vegas, we headed north-east through the Nevada desert towards Utah. That was an absolutely beautiful drive. At one point I'm sure we were driving through a canyon of sorts. It reminded me of the Grand Canyon only looking from the inside out. I didn't know that you had to cross through Arizona to get to Utah, so we were in Arizona again... :P technically.

Utah is a beautiful state. The I-15 runs straight through the state with mountains and large hills on both sides. I'm guessing that the majority of the population of Utah lives in that valley that runs through the ranges. It's beautiful, so beautiful we decided to camp there!

We stopped at Yuba State Park to set up camp. It was a really pretty lake with campsites along the beach. We set up camp and built a wicked fire and pretty much soaked up the stars and nature, including the rain. Yes, the rain didn't stop us. It did inconvenience us slightly when we had to cover all the food and ourselves just after we got everything out and ready. But we managed to beat it out and thank goodness we have rain jackets.

The next morning we packed up and drove up to Salt Lake City. We didn't stay long and I know Stacey and Grant will be disappointed we didn't check out the Temple....woopsy. :) We liked Utah, but we wanted to get to Idaho!

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