Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We Have Family In Portland?

After we passed through Oregon on our way up to Vancouver a few months ago, we found out that we have family in Portland. Of course, she knew way more about us than we did about her, but we finally got to meet her at the end of May.

Kathy is cool beans! She's a total Mullen; strong willed, stubborn, loud and adventurous. I know that not everyone in our family fits that bill, but it's a pretty strong trait! Kathy's dad and our Grandpa Mullen (who died before we were born) were brothers. As Kathy tells the story, our families were really tight! I must say it's interesting listening to what our family is/was like from a different perspective. We've got some dirt to play with now! hehehe

Another thing about us Mullen's is that we're too modest and tend to downplay some of the greatest successes of our lives. Kathy, in my books, is a pretty big success. She's lived in a handful of different states doing stuff from restaurant work to youth minister to now being a part of one of the biggest sporting companies in the world; Nike. She's beaten cancer 4 times (correct me if I'm wrong) and has got great experience to share!

Now those are all amazing things, but being the young, media driven generation we are, these are some other things that really tipped the scale. When she was younger, she went on a few dates with Troy Aikmen of the Dallas Cowboys. This was after they won the SuperBowl!

Sorry Kathy! I couldn't resist!! She's kind of a celebrity magnet. When she was at the US Open in NY with her Aunt, Tom Cruise was sitting in front of them. This was way back when he was still dating Minnie Driver. But my favourite story comes from the Nike World Head Quarters. A lot of sports stars actually have offices at the HQ, such as Michael Jordan, Lance Armstrong and Tiger Woods to name a few. When those guys are on 'campus' as they call it, you can't ask for pictures or autographs or ask questions or anything. So one day Kathy was working out in the gym next to a big black guy. It took her a while to put the pieces together until he asked if she was OK. Her reply was, "I can't believe I'm working out with next to Michael Jordan." And his reply was, "I can't believe I'm working out next to Kathy Mullen."

We're all just people doing our thing...we're all put here to do exactly what we do best, whatever that may be. Yes or yes!

Love ya girl!

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