Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Rocks are Red Babay!

The rocks are red....not sure what else to

Sedona is picture perfect, minus the construction. It's a little metaphysical town in the middle of some of the most amazing rock formations I've seen in a while. It's sort of surreal looking at them, wondering if they are all a painting or if they're actually there! Our first night there we hit up the grocery store and good ol' BK for some eats and then headed out to a campsite. Haha! If Grant's perception of our outdoorsmanship was correct we'd be pros at camping, but in reality, this was our first time actually being at a campsite and camping out...not in our backyard! LOL. Thank god for the air matress. We did good considering it was our first time. The tent was easy to figure out. I have used it twice in the last 10 I mean I know my shit! lol. We did well. It was cold, but we managed.

We woke up in the morning; well I woke up with the birds and was raring to go cuz I was so damn cold and couldn't get back to sleep, Katie on the other hand, despite the chill had no desire to get up and out of the tent into even cooler weather. But me being me, threw her coat at her and made her get up...hehehe!It was soooo cold!! I didn't want to wake up. Getting dressed in my snowsuit first thing in the morning wasn't exactly what I was expecting, but it was fun none the less. And I think I did pretty well for my first camping experience.

We decided to start the day with a climb up Cathedral Rock. Had some good breakie in the parking lot and then got to work. The advice from Ravi was climb to the top of Cathedral and don't stop till you get there. So we did! What a hike! It was a little tricky at points, but sooooo much fun and then at the top it was like magic! You could see so much and to be on top of the big hill and then on top of the rock after that! Man, what a trip! The way back down was much quicker than the way up and periodically we'd stop and look back up and say, "did we just climb that????" Warrior principles at work...just friggin do it! The paper said it was a strenuous hike, but really, it was just like an obstacle course, finding your way up until you had no further to climb! It was awesome! Back in the parking lot where we were grabbing a snack we said goodbye to the Chicago couple we'd met earlier. (They've been hiking here since 1979). We met Don, Tom and Barbra...all from Oregon. Tom said he was worried about us when we were hanging out on the rock didn't realize how big it really was out there. Don comes to Sedona every year and he was telling us about all his Canadian friends and the fun times they show him and showed him for his 71st bday. 71 and climbing the top of Cathedral....he rocked!!! Very nice people...according to Tom everyone in Oregon is as nice as them! Can't wait to find out!

After Cathedral we decided to check out an energy vortex so we chose a 2.4mile hike called Boynton Canyon Trail. Shit guy! This was strenuous....more mentally than physically because we had NO idea where we were going. We were in the base of the canyon the entire time and the last 200 feet or so was right at the mouth. After a steep climb you are perched up on a rock face looking out at the canyon. It was very very peaceful and serene up there, but no energy vortex. The walk back was a breeze compared to there.

I think we spent something silly like 6 hours hiking that day! Ridiculous...

We were pretty hungry after all that so we went into the 'uptown' and walked around to find a place to eat. Arnie at the timeshare place called us in to see how 'smart' we were. He asked us a pile of trick questions; to which I answered all but one of them wrong of course...I'm a little slow sometimes what can I say!? Then he did a magic trick where he combined a Mexican pesito and an American 50 cent coin into a loonie! Again, not quick enough to figure out how that worked, but hey, we got tootsie rolls outta the deal. And of course because we're friggin money magnets he gave us a coupon for 20% off at the Red Planet Diner! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Red Planet Diner is interesting. It's like all sci-fi/UFO/alien themed! Good food though!

We took off to watch the sunset and check out another energy vortex...which again, we didn't find...maybe better luck next time! Or we'll get better guidance next time! lol.

Next venture....driving 2 hours to the Grand Canyon! Friggin elk and ginormous deer with wicked huge antlers in the night....geez! Again money magnets! Room normally $110 we got for $79 with complimentary breakfast AND free internet!!! Woohoo!!!!! Love life and my own bed for the night! I'm sure Katie enjoyed that too, but it still didn't stop me from snorning....apparently a new habit I've picked up??? Ugh... :) Ya, at least you don't have to listen to yourself like me! Not the greatest habit to have picked up!

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