Friday, October 16, 2009

Even and Burbo!

Our amazingly, fabulous (yes, he is fabulous) friend Even was kind enough to let us stay at his house after our fun-filled two weeks of camp in Sanger.

But before we went to Even's, Kel, Chris, Veronica, Ben, Irma, Lea, and I all went out for dinner in Santa Monica followed by a walk on the beach under the full moonlight. I guess you could say it was a night to show our love to the moon and to release whatever was on our minds. We definitely did that! lol. Levitate anyone?

Kel and I, and Veronica tagged along as well, then headed to L.A. for some much needed R&R. Kel and I had actually been going non-stop since July. Two months of continuous fun is fun...but still tiring.

Even has an amazing house and its filled with amazing art by none other than Even himself. He also shares his pad with his slobbering handsome dog BURBO! lol. I love him! His spit is everywhere and he is like a miniature wrecking ball sometimes, but he is a sweetheart and very entertaining. haha.

We didn't see Even much when we were there. He had lots of fabulous parties to go we did go to a cabaret show with him to watch his friend Bernie. It was great! I had an awesome time, and they even made a shout out to us Warriors! Congrats to Bernie on the show and on being a new Warrior! A-HO!

Mostly Kel, V and I just hung out. Watched TV! The one night we had a goddess party with Lea and Irma. Ben came along as well, even though he's technically not a goddess. V came up with the idea of a traveling journal and so the 5 of us spent the night decorating it and putting all our love and radiant energy into it.
It was a magical creation and is currently with Lea I believe, aka Medusa. Oh la la! :) I love these ladies and can't wait to find out what adventures are to come for each of us! What she said!

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  1. Journal update: Irma now has it... Lea handed it over at Thanksgiving- I saw it!!!