Monday, October 12, 2009

Soft Rock in White Rock

After Mind of Steel Heart of Gold (MSHG) we decided to move on from Burnaby and hauled all our stuff to Diane's place in White Rock, BC. It was absolutely beautiful.

The first night after camp Dad put Katie and I up in a B&B on the waterfront pretty much. It was absolutely beautiful. We spent most of the night chilling on the balcony overlooking the ocean or strait...I'm not sure...I think it was a strait, while munching on pizza and nachos. Although all the great food at camp was to be missed (especially the crumble), we 'preferred' something a little more on the less disciplined side of things for a change. Every day at camp I told Diane I was manifesting pizza in the lunch line, buuuut nothing. I wasn't surprised. Lol, so ya I was pretty determined to get some.

Diane was in our group for MSHG and was kind enough to extend an invitation for us to stay with her as long as we needed knowing that we really didn't have any plans made for our next move. Well after a FULL day of laundry and drying out wet belongings, we had our answer. We were off to California.

I love staying with new people and getting a glimpse into their lives. Diane certainly knows how to have fun. From our walk down the peer and gelato to awesome dinners, we had a blast in the company of her high energy and happiness! Birds of a feather flock together I guess :)

Diane, don't forget your declarations! And thanks for the pics that we used in the MSHG vid!

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