Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Made it to Michigan

After World's Greatest Marketing Seminar in L.A., it was time to head home. After dropping Dad off at the airport in Las Vegas, Kel and I were off! We basically drove for 3 days straight...sleeping in the car both nights we were on the road. Although it wasn't our ideal place of rest we were pretty used to it considering it wasn't the first time the car became our bed! lol. The night sky was brilliant and the mountains of Utah and Colorado were a nice place to be again. It'll be the last time we see those mountains for a while. *sigh* Venturing along the border of Colorado and Kansas revealed some eclectic people. I think we saw our first REAL rednecks, mullets and all.
Finally we arrived in Michigan at our Dad's place and all we could do was crash! Obviously! lol

The next couple days we just relaxed...and creeped facebook of course, and replied to emails and such. It was nice to actually do nothing. lol. We also helped our Dad put his boat in the water and we went for a boat ride and swim in Lake St. Clair. I'm pretty sure it was the last nice day of the year so I'm glad we took advantage of that!

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