Thursday, October 22, 2009

Weddings and Wine

Heading back to Ontario was a strange experience for Kel and I. As we crossed the border into Windsor and made our way home to Leamington it had felt like we never left. Not exactly the reaction I had thought I was going to have, me either, but I guess when nothing has changed there's nothing new to see. I don't know why I thought it would all look different to me...?

Well I think part of it was that we came back with a new set of eyes, or so we thought. Physically things have changed in some ways, but in the grand scheme of things we just re-inserted ourselves back into that world...hesitantly. We weren't quite ready to really take a break and found ourselves embarking on adventures of our own with friends from old places!

I headed to St. Catharines for a weekend of grape and wine action! A festival they have every year...And I must say it didn't disappoint. As usual, it was filled with live music, good times and great friends. And of course we went to The Chilli Pepper and Rockfords...where we partied most of the 4 years I attended Brock University. All in all a fabulous weekend!

And while I did partake in one evening of Grape and Wine -it would have been a sin not to :) - and shared my love for the band at the Chilli Pepper, I was off to the Kawartha Lakes region north of Toronto to watch one of my beautiful girlfriends tie the knot.

It's a long story to explain how I know both the bride and groom. Tim I've known since my first year in university and Kristi (T), I lived with my last two years of university. Somewhere in between, they met and the rest is history.

Thank you Kerry and T's friend Katie for the FB pics :)

The wedding was absolutely beautiful and it was great to see everyone...and I mean everyone. It was like a Brock University reunion. Well actually maybe not Brock, maybe Ajax....or maybe those are synonymous terms, as at times, it felt like Ajax was taking over Brock and vice versa. On either side of the fence it didn't matter because the group of people there to support T and Tim were all amazing and many hold a little spot in my heart...and lots of crazy memories!

Much love to all of you, I love you heaps and heaps and can't wait until next time!

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  1. Found your card earlier today and thought I would see how the adventures are coming along.