Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mamma Mullen in the Hiz-ouse!!!

Mom arrived in Vancouver on the beautiful Civic Holiday Weekend! The night she arrived we headed out to Jessica's place in Coquitlam for a BBQ with her family. Mmmmm.... The Voo's are such amazing people and let us into their home without even giving us a chance to say YES! lol They and made us feel like we were home. Vancouver now holds a special place in our hearts. Not just for the Voo's, but for everyone who welcomed us with open arms...and open hearts. :)

The next day we started our week long adventure with Mama Mullen! We did a beautiful drive along the Sea to Sky Highway from Vancouver up to Whistler with a little stop in if we weren't already spending enough time there. It was nice to show Mom where we were spending the majority of our summer! And although it's not the same experience as being at camp, the view on the drive up in unbelievable and worth the trip!

We headed out to Vancouver Island and stayed with some family, Mike and Marlene, in Courtenay, BC. We didn't have the best weather or highest and best energy possible, but we had a good time anyways! Took a little drive up to Telegraph Cove and Port McNeil. Well it wasn't really little, but it created lots of space for us to chat and bond again. Being away from each other for 7 months can create some distance...nothing we couldn't gap though!

After a few days of just chilling we headed down to Parksville for the sand scultpure competition before heading back to the mainland. Artists from all over the world came to build and had some amazing sculptures! I think the theme was 'the olympics'.

One thing I know to be true is that my week spent with Mom was not about what we saw, where we went or what we did, it was about just being in the moment with an open heart and very much going with the flow of whatever was thrown at me.

Hmmmm,...the week was interesting. Although us three Mullen women had some grunts at the beginning of our trip, we worked through the knots. Three VERY different energies coming together as one after months's bound to happen! But that was normal. I knew that would happen. The interesting part was when the universe dropped a challenge into our lap. A challenge that tested us right to our core but did not defeat. The point of this banter...The lesson learned: The perfect house in the the perfect neighborhood with the perfect family and the perfect cars and the perfect a lie. It's a lie if you're not really LIVING. And once you actually start LIVING the life you've always wanted,....the 'perfect life' doesn't really matter anymore.

End note: I love my life! And my family!

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