Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Return to Sanger...Birthplace of our Enlightened Warriors!

It wasn't quite a full year since our last visit to Sanger when we returned to volunteer for Warrior and Wizard in August, but it was a full circle moment (for me at least).

We had only been at Diane's for like 2 days and Katie and I were committed to being at Warrior and Wizard to volunteer in CA if that's where we were meant to be. Well, that's sure where we were meant to be because we were confirmed and leaving in two days within 5 mins of me sending that email! Talk about getting answers quick! And talk about going with the flow. :)

Back to the grounds where we first became Warriors last September. Something in the air, the energy, the heat...I was at home, every part of my being felt it. Writing it right now brings it all back. I guess it's that easy to go back to the places you want to go! Being in Sanger was like returning to the place I was born. It's a place that will always reinforce me of my power and remind me of my contribution to this world. Playing small is no longer an option, and everything I do is in line with my purpose. And well, the next two weeks at camp sure did want to test that!! lol. I'm not surprised considering it's the place where it all began...

We worked, we played, we laughed, and I know we cried. Two very different activities within two very different weeks. It was different than our camps up in Squamish, but a great experience in awareness, love and service. YES! We are so grateful for all our new friends, for the deeper connections with old ones and for being able to do and witness some of the most amazing shit ever!!!

A-HO and So Be It!
Thanks to Irma for some of the awesome photos!


  1. Thanks for the video, I love the song!!!
    We all live in a yellow submarine!!!

  2. Uncle Richard, Ben and more!

    in Winnerpeg, MB

  3. Nearly Forget, our son with three fathers, two in MB, and his newest in ON (not the least),turns ( to the ) 18 today.

    Okay he already turned today, and it's an exam day-economics go fig, eh!

    P O T T E R P A R T Y T O N I T E ! ! ! !

    P O T T E R 'S O U R F R I E N D S

    T H E Y L I V E N E X T D O O R ! ! ! !

    W E D O A L L L I V E I N A T I N Y

    Y E L L O W S U B . . . . . . . . . . . .