Sunday, October 18, 2009

World's Greatest Marketing Seminar

Well, I don't have too much to say about this one. World's Greatest Marketing Seminar was basically the end of our trip on the West. Although the course was educational and I had a lot of insights about what I want to do and directions for a prospective business, I knew we were heading home right after the course was finished and I must say I wasn't thrilled about it. But it was where we were supposed to be going, and it became quite obvious when the course started to seem dull and I was uninterested in half the stuff that was being taught.

At first I thought it was the difference between the high energy at camps, which we've been experiencing all summer, compared to the mediocre energy of a course. And then I thought it was just my own boredom and weak attention span when it comes to talking about business. BUT I soon discovered that it was perfect. It was perfect that the course wasn't fulfilling to me
because the universe wanted to show me that it was time for me to leave. There was nothing left for me here now and I was meant to be somewhere else.

I was sad to be leaving...not just to be leaving the West which I fell in love with, but all my friends and strong connections I made over the past 8 months. Although Leamington has been our home all our lives, Kel and I now have multiple homes and families all over the continent.
Nothing like throwing it all on the line there Kate. lol. I had a major energy shift coming from the high energy of camps into the lower energy of a seminar. It was a serious adjustment for me to make. Coming back into the real world isn't always the wake up call you want, but it's usually what you need. The course was full of valuable information and we did get some kick ass ideas about what to do with our blog, but for me it was the end of a cycle, not neccessarily of learning, but just the end of a cycle in my life. Of that go go go, learn, gather, network. I feel like it's time to start applying what I've learned and really commit to something to make it work.
Leaving the west sucks. But we do have plenty of homes to come back to when we decide to go back. On to whatever is next!

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