Thursday, July 23, 2009

Calgary Stampede...Day 2

After Nashville North we needed a little recovery time. We chilled out all afternoon, worked on the blog a bit, slept and hung out with Lisa. We were contemplating whether to stay another night or head to Canmore and Banff, but Kenny's advice was not to leave until we've seen a Chuckwagon Race and the Grandstand Show. His words were, "If I thought it was awesome and I liked it then you two definitely gotta go."

If Kenny sat through a Grandstand Show, lived to tell and lived to tell others to go to it?! We had to go. Basically if he liked it, the possibility that Kel and I would like it are about 99%. Not because he's our cousin and we like the same things, but because Kel and I are like little kids and get excited about the smallest of things. Kenny on the other hand..not so much. So we did. When we left Lisa's it was sunny, when we got to the park it was rainy. It poured pretty much the entire 3.5 hours we were there. I think maybe for 45mins combined there was no rain....but it was worth it! Good thing I brought my little cover-up. lol.

Now we want to see a motorcross! That stuff is sick! The video doesn't quite do the show justice. It was wayyyyy more than we excpected and the performers were incredible. And they did most of it in the rain. I was impressed.

It was a wicked, what, 3 days? in Calgary. Cowboys and cowboys and horses and cowboys...sorry, I lost my train of thought there... :) I think you're on the right track. Cowboys, cowboys.....cowboys...........

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