Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Maybe the Most Random Stop Yet?...Edmonton!

When we were in South Dakota we chatted with our mom who informed us that our neighbour from home (who lives in Edmonton) had been in a pretty serious car accident and that the family was out west visiting him. We were headed that way anyway, so why not stop by and do what we can? So we did!

A little back story. Katie and I grew up with Jason's sister Nikki (well him too). They lived across the road and we pretty much spent every moment possible with each other as long as we didn't hate each other or had something else to do. From dirtbikes, farm wagons, house, hide and seek, tree forts to tree climbing... So when we found out Jason wasn't doing so hot we really didn't question it, we just went.

We had no idea what hospital he was at, or how to get ahold of Nikki or their parents. So we just started calling every hospital in Edmonton. We found it, called to see if when we could visit and went. The first day he didn't look amazing, but I know I had expected much worse!

He was riding his bicycle to work and was hit by a truck resulting in something like 9 broken ribs, 2 collapsed lungs, some spine problems (maybe a break or fracture or something) and something with his hip...I didn't get it all, there was a lot to take in!

So when I first saw him I was impressed he was awake and coherent enough to chat and joke around. The second day we went back to pick up Nikki and take her to the airport and he was doing much better. They had given him a shave and he was in even better spirits than the day before. We're still sending our love vibes his way in hopes of the fastest and most awesomely amazing recovery ever!! lol. If you're reading this, please send some love. :) The more the better....couldn't hurt. Thanks!

Apparently the day before his accident he was asking his parents to come out west and they hadn't said yes, but the next day they were on a plane out there...obviously not for the reason they'd like, but the world works in funny ways. Makes you realize how quick things change and how little control you have over anything. I know it made me appreciate life more and the people that have been and still are in it today.

So other than hanging out at the hospital, Katie and I did catch the main attraction...THE West Edmonton Mall!!!! Since neither of us have been there, we weren't sure what to expect. But it was actually pretty cool. And very random. There's a water park, bungee jumping platform, amusement park, and a skating rink just to name a few. Sooo massive and a little overwhelming, but was a good distraction and had lots to see.

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