Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Warm-Up...The Day Before Stampede!

Our purpose for heading back to Calgary was just to experience the Calgary Stampede... "THE GREATEST OUTDOOR SHOW ON EARTH!"

One of the Stampede Traditions is that local businesses have Free, yes free... :) pancake breakfasts every morning of the Stampede. Well CBC Radio, one of the official stampede peoples had their breakfast the day before the festivities even began! It started at 7am so Katie, Alanna and I got ourselves down there before 7 and were still behind almost 100 people! Yes, 7 am in the morning and there was a line all the way down the street. These people are keeners. I thought we were for being there at 7, but I guess not!

We were served by the Mayor of Calgary, Dave Bronconnier, who gave us each an extra pancake when he found out we were all the way from Ontario. I think he said, "You're hungry and weary travellers." I didn't protest, they were goooood pancakes! We moved down the line to get some sausage and then enjoyed the entertainment.

The hoop dancers name was Dallas Arcand and the Asian marching band came all the way from Tapei, Tawain. They were also in the parade the next day. We also met Harry the Horse, the official Stampede mascot. He was prety cool. Although he slightly resembles a giraffe....

That afternoon we were totally geeked about hitting up the Stampede. We went to our friend Lisa's house. Another of our childhood friends. Me and Katie and Lisa and her sister Stacey were inseprable when we were together. It had been a long time since seeing Lisa so it was awesome to catch up. She's quite the hostess! Lots of awesome food and good company. She took good care of us and made sure we didn't go hungry while we were there. lol.

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