Monday, July 6, 2009

Montana...Big Sky Country

After being in Yellowstone for a couple days I was ready for a long hot shower and a nice comfy bed. So thats's basically all we did in Montana.

We drove straight to Billings (not sure why) and stopped at the visitor's centre. Not much was going on. Well we stopped in Livingston, which was a beautiful little town, for information. They didn't have much, but we took in the original architecture and the mountain backdrop for a little before hitting the higway. Plus I got a travel book with a Bingo game in it! Kept me occupied the entire way to Billings! We did however meet a very nice lady who worked there, (at the visitors centre in Billings, her name was Shirley) and although she was helping us figure out what to do in Billings, nothing really appealled to us as much as that bed and that shower. lol. (And it was the best shower ever! I must say...I could have stayed in there for hours.)

After eating dinner at Denny's we got a hotel room and crashed! Watched Las Vegas, which cured our desire for more Vegas energy..and we repacked out bags again, always trying to figure out what's the best way to organize all our stuff. But it's usually put back relatively in the same way. Oh well. We have come to the conclusion that when we get back home we are leaving ALOT of our belongings behind. Living simple has a whole new meaning. Even all the stuff we left in Vancouver to pick up when we go back is just too much stuff. You can always pick up what you need wherever you are and really...for the number of shoes I packed in February and the number of times I've worn my runners and flipflops, there's just no need for all the other ones!

Aside from that, Montana is a beautiful state. The mountains in the West and the rolling hills in the East. That big blue sky is forever reaching to the next bend and new heights. One of many pieces of paradise.

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